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Reference number: 3674

Date: 1932*

Director: filmed by Ronald L. Jay

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 19.53 mins

Description: “Where the Bens Stand Sentinel” is the first colour film made in Scotland. Filmed by Glaswegian Ronald L Jay around 1932 it combines technological innovation, beautiful landscapes captured in colourful moving image for the very first time, and?documents hillwalking as a popular part of 1930s Scottish life.

Kodacolor lenticular film stock was only produced for four years so films made using it are rare. To be projected through Kodacolor filter. Filmed on Kodacolor film stock. See also refs 0444, 0445 and 0446

Credits: An All-Scottish Colour Production

Shotlist: Ronald L Jay presents An All-Scottish Colour Production (.10) Where the Bens Stands Sentinel written over a picture of a valley (.23) It's Northward Ho! and the Vagabonds are early astir written over a picture of a mountain and loch (.33) Scene with four men standing beside a car - possibly Ronnie Jay (first to wave to camera) (.56) By Dunkeld the inner man is howling for vitamins - Big, Solid Ones - written over a picture of a mountain and a loch (1.03) Men sitting outside a tea-room having lunch (1.24) Luncheon is enjoyed midst picturesque surroundings. written over a picture of a mountain and a loch (1.29) white water of a river through rocks (1.54) Our feathered friends do not spurn the few remaining crumbs. written over a picture of a mountain and a loch (1.59) birds feeding in the water (2.27) Across the Grampians - and we look back at the full splendour of the Cairngorms. - written over a picture of a mountain and a loch (2.35) Pan across landscape (2.58) Glen Affric's famous gorge. - with usual picture behind (3.02) Visuals of gorge (4.01) The Loch Affric Hostelry at last - just on time! - written over usual picture (4.08) men with cars outside the hostel (4.21) Fortified anew, (Grand Highland Vitamins!) we reach Loch Affric's shore - written over usual picture (4.29) pan of landscape (5.00) Where we camp, guarded by Mam Soul - written over usual picture(5.05) pan back across landscape (5.25) The "milk problem" finds an easy solution, thanks to the ingenuity of Larry and Johnny. - written over usual picture ( 5.35) two men steadying a cow and milking her (6.06) We prepare for the road once more - written over usual picture (6.10) Men emptying the tent (6.34) Resuming the Northern Trail we visit Roggie's famous Salmon Leap - written over usual picture (6.40) gvs of the salmon falls (7.00) Watch this beauty! written over usual picture (7.03) c/u of the salmon leaping (7.22) Skirting lovely Loch Broom with the three Sisters in the background - written over usual picture (7.29) Gvs of the mountainous landscape ( 8.30) Gruinard bay - and a magnificent view of the Beinn Eighe Group (8.36) Gvs of landscape (9.05) A blanket of evening mist envelops Slioch as we approach Loch Maree. (9.15) Gvs of landscape (10.00) We lend a helping hand, then prepare for another night 'Aux belles etoiles' (10.07) c/u on sheep shearing and branding (10.37) A day of tropical sunshine heralds our assault on Slioch. (10.44) gvs of the men walking up the mountain and the landscape surrounding them (11.20) They're happy when they're hiking? (11.24) gvs of the men walking and landscape (12.00) The way was long, the day was hot. From pestilent flies relief we sought! (12.07) Gvs men walking along a mountain stream, landscape and hiking up the mountain (12.41) This Freedom ! (12.45) Gvs of the men hiking and having a rest to eat (13.14) Gvs of men climbing with loch far below (13.38) Our approach startles some Deer close at hand (13.42) Deer running away (13.46) See them? ( 13.49) Deer running away (13.55) Nearing Journey's End (13.59) Gvs of the men walking along the last ridge before the summit (14.27) Something attempted, something done (14.31) Three men standing triumphantly, but hot, on the summit (14.40) Looking East towards Kinlochewe. (14.44) Gvs of landscape below (15.00) Men sitting admiring the view (15.09) Southwards we see the treacherous screes of Beinn Eighe (15.15) Gvs of landscape and men looking at the valley below (15.55) Northwards stands the towering majesty of the An Teallach Group (16.02) Gvs of landscape (16.20) Westwards the island-studded bosom of Loch Maree flushes at the touch of a departing sun. (16.30) Gvs of the loch below (16.45) Where the Ben stands Sentinel... (16.50) Gvs of landscape (17.12) And Nature paints a 'faded-out' of perfect beauty (17.18) Visual of the sun setting over the mountains (17.35) The End (17.40)