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Reference number: 3371

Date: 1935

Director: [filmed by Captain Loutit]

Sound: silent

Original format: 9.5mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 30.23 mins

Description: Scenes of working life and leisure in the village of Balmedie and environs, in the parish of Belhelvie. Made by local man to commemorate the parish in the year of the Royal Jubilee, 1935.

See The Way It Was, (progs 63, 64 and 70)Tx 1995, Grampian Television for local inhabitant Bill Reid's commentary on people and places.

Found by Session Clerk in cupboard on balcony of church 1994
See also ref. 3373

Shotlist: Reel 1
Whin-mill at Menie House. Horse drawn whin mill in operation. (0.48) Menie and everyday scenes. gv's local scenics (1.09) Potato grading hand cranked sorting machine. (1.15) man playing pipes. petrol pump? wee girl and pram (1.38) horse and carts local scenes (2.03) BELHELVIE. Ploughing Match at Menie horse plough team. (3.37) haymaking, blacksmiths (3.52) Menie School children in playground (4.09) BELHELVIE LIFE SAVING BRIGADE Cap A L Fletcher RN, Inspector HMCG North Eastern Scotland Division c/up (4.14) The look out - casualty spotted. Coastguard with looking glass. The call - Rocket, Maroon and Telephone. Local volunteer coastguards run to the assembly point. Rescue by firing line by rocket over ship. Shot firing from shore. Making fast and setting up Breeches Buoy gv's same. Buoy in action as 'survivor' is pulled onto shore. (6.19) Demonstration of artificial respiration same (6.48) BALMEDIE VILLAGE local people going about their daily business, the postie, shopkeepers, policeman, garage owner at petrol pump, grocery van (7.39) Balmedie Small holdings man laying bricks. (7.50) BALMEDIE INDUSTRIES. Local egg grading Van with boxes of eggs. Inside shed as eggs travel along conveyor. (8.08) Salmon fishing Balmedie. Lifting nets in rough seas. Small boat on water, c/up members of crew. (8.42) Minister leaving the Manse, bell ringer, people enter church. (9.11) BELHELVIE VILLAGE Its folk and scenes. gv's locals, smith at knife grinding machine? (9.28) Balmedie School children in playground on see-saw, playing games (10.46) The staff gv's (10.51) End reel 1

Reel 2
Woman feeding hens, man sowing seed [shaky image] (0.25) Balmedie Quarry 1935 Quarry Committee. Stoddard, E R Hay, E W Loutit, M Heddie c/ups each (0.46) Gv's working practices of granite quarry Smiddy Drills and Skip, apparatus, Drilling, overhauling pump and preparing detonators. (1.37) Blasting Cordeau Bickford method (1.52) Quarrying (2.22) The strong man (Samson) workman Quarry controller man with finger on button Blondin overhead hoist moving rocks (3.01) Power House (3.12) gv's yard Weighing lorry on weighbridge (3.38) Officials (3.48) works engine with load of rocks, lorry with loads of drums (4.01) Smiths at Air Hammer smiths at work (4.08) Repair Depot lorry in shed (4.20) Road squad men shovelling tar?(4.23) POTTERTON c/up minister. (4.33) Wester Hatton School gv's children in playground (4.58) horse drawn roller, hay, sawmill, hay being loaded onto wagon. Women carrying milk churns and pails (5.40) horse plough (5.45) WHITECAIRNS local scenes. Shop, Daniels Bus Service vehicles, scenes of people and cars outside post office. Daniel's mobile grocery van and customers. Village scenes (6.54) Craigie School children in playground (7.43) Farmyard, man topping turnips? (7.53) Man mending fence, farm workers, cleaning machinery, (8.19)Home scenes at Ardo House woman and dog, housemaid? (9.10) gardeners raking lawn. (9.25) Cottages (9.28) Tractor plough, horse plough (9.45) Cart distributing turnips over field, man uses slicer as they fall off the back of the cart. (9.52) woman feeding goat by bottle, man and lamb. (10.15) Produced and edited by Yours truly c/up couple [Loutit?] The End (10.23)

Reel 3
THE GUIDE MOVEMENT BELHELVIE GIRL GUIDES March Past and Salute gv's same. New recruits. Girl presented and 'sworn in' (3.31) Good deeds Guides fetch water for elderly couple. Making Camp Fire gv's (1.31) Gv's guides undertaking tasks for various badges, including First Aid practising first aid techniques, Book Lover's Badge (2.54) Patrol leader c/up [perf damage evident] Lieutenant Miss R I Lamb, Capt Miss D Stewart. The End (3.18) Zoological Gardens Edinburgh gv's animals (4.12) Our local diviner W Wilson man with diving rod. (4.30) locals (4.56) MANUFACTURE OF CONCRETE KERB AND POSTS gv's works. Main switchboard, cableway levers, tipping into crusher, Ross feeder and 36" x 20" crusher, scalping screen, drier and tar mixer. gv's laying road surface, steam roller . Demolition of chimney by blasting. Rubble (9.07) church door with banner for sale of work (9.10)