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Reference number: 1766

Date: 1928 - 1939

Director: [filmed by George Scott]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 62.14 mins

Description: Family film of the Scott family (of Peter Scott & Co. hosiery manufacturers, Hawick) with shots of their holidays in North Berwick, Largs, Hawick, the Highlands and Edinburgh. A family wedding is included.

Shotlist: REEL 1
[No credits] [*1939, Colour] General views of Hawick streets as floats procession passes along crowd lined streets, possibly 1945 Victory Parade; includes "Peace Among Nations" and Townswomen's Guild floats; cavemen from "Hawick 5000 years ago" (3.19); - Blank - (3.37); [*1933, B&W] General views of camp, possibly TA's at Stobs (4.16); Steel, the Scott family's chauffeur and manservant, packs the car with a hamper for picnic (4.30); Shots from car on road and of occupants - the maids. General views of Northumberland landscape and historic buildings. Village market (6.38); Arrival at "Langlea" (7.18); - Blank - (7.21); [*1933, B&W] General views of Giant's Causeway (8.43); Wedding party boards steamer and guests throw confetti over bride and groom (9.14); Shots from vessel as it leaves Largs, past monument to battle of Largs, and other ships on the water. General views of the shore. (10.27); Unloading car by LMS cradle (10.54); Landscape (11.03); [*1931] Two women walk towards a hotel (11.18); Unloading coal by small skip from cargo ship. Shot of pier (11.40); Open-air display of gymnastics (11.56); Motor bike race and crowds in field (12.21); Exterior of the Blacksmith's at Gretna Green (12.32); General views of Buccleuch Hunt gathering from the day at the Haugh, Hawick. Shots of hunt party and hounds on the road (13.52) 374ft

[No credits] [*1928, B&W] General views of Willie (headmaster at Melrose and Beth Riddell's wedding). General views of bridal party arranged in garden for photography; guests milling in garden; elevated shot, throwing confetti; their car leaving "Langlea" ["Caution- We May Do Anything" is chalked on the back] (2.15); Family holiday at North Berwick, putting (3.12); Shots of coastal scenery nearby, including a shot of nuns walking on the beach, and shot of Bass Rock and harbour (5.12); Shots of courtyard of Peter Scott & Co factory in Hawick as workforce leave at end of day. Caretaker sweeps up (6.48); - Dark - (7.21); [*1930] Family holiday at beach (7.55); Shots of steam trains on line and shots of small coastal village station, possibly near the Kyle of Lochalsh (9.45) 263ft

[No credits] [*1930s, B&W] Garden at "Langlea", the donor's "Uncle Jimmy", the beekeeper (0.31); Ladies in garden (1.19); General view from train in the Highlands of coastal/firth scenery, possibly the Kyle line? (3.19); Garden at "Langlea". Exterior of the house and shots of the garden, lady and dog, maid taking away the tea tray (possibly Nanny, according to donor) (5.00) 135ft

No credits. [*1928, B&W] Shots of courtyard of Peter Scott & Co., in Hawick, as men fight a small fire (1.01); General views of Edinburgh castle, St Giles cathedral, the Royal Mile and Calton Hill (2.48); Beehives (3.04); House (3.16); Shots of Eyemouth harbour (4.42); Brief shot of the Grey Mare's Tail waterfall (4.59); Shots of the family home "Langlea" near Hawick. House and gardens, nearby fields, family in garden. Aviary in grounds of house. Maid cutting grass. General views of scenery (8.37) 233ft

No credits. [*1930, B&W] General views of coastal scenery. Shots of fishing port. Lobster boats pulling out (1.03) General views of town, possibly Dunbar or Berwick (1.24); Family on beach, includes brief shot of man selling ice cream from cart to children (2.02) General views of the shore, people crowding around wooden boat (2.38)boy sitting on pavement, brisfe shot castle ext through trees? (2.55) tracking shot horses in field, river, family walking (3.41) gvs rocky shore and coastline (5.14) Family with beach to themselves, at the dunes (6.25) Shots of ruins, visitors to Border Abbey? [unid.] (7.18) Fishing boats in harbour, possibly Berwick, and beach with huts (7.55) gvs coastal scenery and harbour (8.41) Ruins of castle, possibly Tantallon, some scaffolding is visible (10.57); [Kodacolor] The garden at "Langlea". Shots of family as maid serves tea (12.49) 346ft

No credits. [*1929/36, B&W] General views of Oban. Steamers (1.35) Harbour, fish being gutted, fishing boats in harbour (2.44); General views of Oban and surroundings (3.29) Shots from hill over town and out to Mull (4.10); brief shot waterslide (4.23) Shots of the aviary in the garden at "Langlea" (4.47); Two young ladies at window (4.57) Highland scenery (7.40); Verandah at "Norwood". Mrs Peter Scott (the old lady in black), Mrs George Scott, and her sister-in-law take tea (8.35) 231ft

No credits. [*1929, B&W] General views of the Highlands, possibly Skye (0.22); Racks of dead moles, etc pinned top a gable wall (0.37); General views of Dunvegan Castle and surroundings (1.52); Car ferry, possibly the Kyleakin to Kyle, with room for only one car, docking (3.36) [NB The moles are probably being left to dry for skins to be made into a waistcoat] 97ft