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Reference number: 4494

Date: 1939*

Director: [filmed by Alexander Lowe]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 13.04 mins

Description: Trawlers of the Musselburgh fishing fleet leaving Fisherrow harbour at the start of the herring fishing season and passing through the Forth & Clyde and Crinan canals as far as Skye.

Related to ref. 4493 FISHING AND STORM AT HARBOUR, being an account of the annual voyage by Musselburgh herring fishing fleet to the west coast fishing grounds, leaving Musselburgh and travelling through the Forth and Clyde and Crinan canals to reach the west coast fishing grounds for the start of the season.

An edited version of both films, entitled A VOYAGE TO STORNOWAY, is available for purchase as part of the VHS mail order compilation, The Sea Harvesters.

Shotlist: [shot-listed from VHS - manual control track]

[bw] [no title] gvs of young girl walking through deep snow by river bank, children sledging down steep hill, tenements in background (0.16) shots of storm waves breaking over shore-front and houses at Promenade - shot of steam drifter Ben Strome? capsized on rocks at shore, breeches buoy set up on rocks - shot of Girdle Ness fog horn and lighthouse near Aberdeen, and different angle of wrecked steam drifter (0.59) shots of schooner 'Fanny Crossfield' entering Fisherrow harbour, Musselburgh - crowds watching - gvs of festivities at harbour, crowds around side watching characters in fancy dress swimming and diving into water (2.07) [col] shots of fishermen boarding boats with families in harbour at start of herring season, people watching from quayside - c/u shots of family members sitting on boats, young woman with baby, old man dancing and waving to camera - shots of trawlers leaving harbour and crowds waving from quayside - shots on board trawler at sea, shots of other trawlers alongside including LH29 'Golden Effort', fishermen and families on board, waving to camera - shots of North Carr lightship, LH184 Golden Dawn, passing yacht - shot of young girls on deck (4.58) [bw] shots of group on board Golden Effort passing through lock and along Forth and Clyde Canal - shots of trawlers approaching Cairnbaan and passing through lock on Crinan Canal - shots of fishermen winding lock gates - gvs passing along Crinan Canal and through locks - shots of passing vessels, including paddle steamer and destroyer HMS Warwick - high shots of trawlers passing along canal and through lock - shots on board trawler, men wave to camera, younger man peels potatoes, sausages and eggs cook on stove - c/u sign 'Crinan Post Office' - gvs of Crinan Canal basin, shots of fisherman washing and young man working on board - shots of trawlers manoeuvring in Crinan Basin and lighthouse, including 'Coronation' and 'Confidence' - shots of fishermen opening lock gates and on board boats, outside McCallum's shop - shots of trawlers passing through lock and fishermen opening gates, trawlers sailing out into Loch Crinan (11.30) c/u shots of LNER sign at Mallaig Harbour - fishermen at harbour and trawlers at quayside - shots of boxes of fish on deck of trawler - gvs from on board trawler 'Coronation', passing landscape, group of fishermen relaxing on board with puppy, another smoking - c/u shots of peeling potatoes - gvs of landscape from trawler: Kyle of Lochalsh, Kyleakin, passing ferry, Kyleakin lighthouse - shots of fishermen playing draughts on board (14.40)