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  • Amateur


  • JAY, Ronald L.


  • 1920s

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Reference number: 0445

Date: 1928

Director: filmed by Ronald L. Jay

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 12.00 mins

Description: Swimming and diving displays on the island of Jersey. [Filmed on Kodacolor film stock].

To be projected through Kodacolor filter. Filmed on Kodacolor film stock. See also refs 3674, 0444 and 0446

Made as personal film. See National Library of Scotland Moving Image Archive paper archive series 4/22. Press cutting 4/22/2 dated 1929/30 reporting on this film title.

Credits: A Ronald L Jay Kodacolour Production
Jay's Screen Service.

Shotlist: Credits (.10); Girls in swimming suits (.27); The Blue Terrace, Jersey's fashionable Sunday morning rendezvous. General views (.44); Off to the pool. Girl on a bicycle. The polo team. Shots of girl's team (1.45); Diving display (2.23); Keeping that fashionable figure. Girls exercising on the beach (3.55); A bevy of beautiful divers. Girls diving, swimming and sliding down chute (5.24); "Jumps" and "Jumpers" are all one to her. Shots of a girl clad in a swimsuit knitting. Woman asleep in a deck-chair. Pan round the Blue Terrace (6.26); Many strange plants grow in this sturdy isle. Shots of man looking at extra large cabbage plants (6.40); The Mexican Aloe. Shot of plant. (7.00); 100 years ago, bathing belles looked like this. Girl dressed in period swimsuit. Today. Girl clad in contemporary swimsuit joins the first. Not just yet! Girl holding up a board reading "Banned by censor" (7.22); An exhibition of trick diving by George Yvan. Shots of same (7.56); A butterfly dive by Miss Molly Macready (8.08); Twin dive (8.18); Mr. Guiton, despite his years can still hold his own. Man dives off top board (8.33); Shot of Joe Whiteside, Olympic representative as he swims in pool (9.11); Swallow dive by Miss Doris Leitch. Various shots of same (10.19); Beauty and the beast. Shots of girls with dog and then with a man (10.56); Yes, Jersey is all the railway posters say - and then some. Group of girls sitting on diving board and then on the beach (11.30); ecs (11.40)