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Reference number: 0535

Date: 1928

Director: [filmed by Jack MacFarlane]

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 8.40 mins

Description: The production of Macfarlane Lang's rich tea and cream cracker biscuits at the company's Tollcross factory, Glasgow.

Piano soundtrack added later.

Credits: [Made by Jack MacFarlane, Chairman of the company, in Macfarlane Lang's biscuit factory in Glasgow]

Shotlist: Credits (.05) shots of men unloading sacks from railway wagons (.16) Mixing ingredients. gvs men filling machines and mixing the ingredients (.41) Rolling out the dough. Man operates machinery as the dough passes through (1.01) Cutting and stamping out the biscuits. Shots of machinery and men operating it. They stack trays of biscuits (1.38) Biscuits starting their 60 foot journey through the ovens. Shots of several ovens and men feeding the trays in (1.48) Baked biscuits being taken out of the ovens. The trays emerge from ovens. Girls empty the trays onto a conveyor (2.29) Emptying one of the large hand-operated ovens. Men busy removing trays from ovens (2.40) Packeting biscuits. Shots of girls at packing tables. gvs of factory floor (3.14) Printing wrappers for packets. Shot of man as he feeds paper into printing machines (3.29) Preparing cream sandwich biscuits. The biscuits are stamped in the machines (4.07) Machine putting foil and band on chocolate biscuits. gvs of women and machinery (4.31) General view of some of the conveyor packing tables. Shots of the factory floor and the workforce at the tables (5.10) Labelled packed tins. Shots of tins of Macfarlane's cream crackers. Shots of girls labelling the tins (5.36) Washing empty tins returned by customers. Shots of girls at wash stands (5.48) A work's dining room. Shots in the kitchen and at the serving counter. Girl sitting at dining table (6.16) Shot of a man as he stokes a boiler(?), woman at typewriter, and telephone switchboard operator (6.35) Goods leaving from private railway siding. Train reverses out, shot of steam locomotive no. 16324 pulling goods train (7.06) shots of factory gate as lorry leaves. Shots of tins of Macfarlane Lang rich tea biscuits (7.19)