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Reference number: 0446

Date: 1929

Director: filmed by Ronald L. Jay

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 6.00 mins

Description: Pete Desjardins gives a diving display at the Havre-des-pas pool, Jersey. [Filmed on Kodacolor film stock].

To be projected through Kodacolour filter. Filmed on Kodacolour film stock. See also refs 3674, 0444 and 0445

Made as personal film.. See National Library of Scotland Moving Image Archive paper archive series 4/22.

Credits: A Natural Colour Production

Shotlist: Credits (.31); Filmed at the Havre-des-pas pool, Jersey. Shot of Desjardins on board. Close-ups of same (.57); Shot of crowds around pool side (1.05); From the 10 foot board. Shots of various dives, such as Front pike dives, Back pike dives, Full twist dives (2.08); One and a half somersaults, Two and a half somersaults (3.26); One and a half somersault with full twist (only three people in the world have been known to execute this dive) (3.59); The Desjardins Special (4.22); From the 35 ft. board. Shots of various dives, such as Swallow dives, One and a half somersaults (6.05)