MR. SCOTLAND: George Younger

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Title: MR. SCOTLAND: George Younger

Reference number: T2389

Date: 1981c

Production company: Scottish Television

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 25.38 mins

Description: An documentary portrait of Secretary of State for Scotland George Younger, including footage of his working and home life and interviews with him, his family and colleagues.

Shotlist: (0.00) [black with commentary] (0.22) shots inside car of George Younger reading files, car passing through central London and into Whitehall - gvs Whitehall and Horse Guards - shots in traffic passing Cenotaph and car entering Palace of Westminster - gv Big Ben (1.30) gvs Bute House, Edinburgh - int shots of Bute House during arts reception, guests chatting and entering from street - Younger chatting to guests - Nicholas Fairbairn talking to guests, others include Moira Anderson - gvs of ceilings and rooms of Bute House, paintings, mirrors, chandeliers, dining room - more shots of Younger and his wife Diana and daughter talking to guests - Fairbairn chatting to guests (4.22) talking head Younger at reception about his role as Secretary of State for Scotland and the usefulness of Bute House, Ludovic Kennedy visible in background - shots of guests leaving Bute House in evening (5.54) shots of Younger being interviewed by Anne Simpson of the Glasgow Herald about living as a family in Bute House - shots of Younger and family posing for portrait photograph (7.28) talking head Younger about responsibilities of Secretary of State role - gv New St. Andrews House, Edinburgh - shots of Younger and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher touring St Andrews House with civil servants - Thatcher talks to secretaries - Younger in his office talking about moving between different houses - shots of Younger's private secretary entering room and discussing items of work for Younger - shots of Younger reading in his car, talking about his workload - shots of his car around London and entering Whitehall - c/u sign 'Dover House' (11.44) talking head Malcolm Rifkind about his role as a junior minister - shots of meeting in Scottish Office, chaired by Younger, including Alex Fletcher, Sir William Kerr Fraser (14.51) talking heads Fletcher, Rifkind about Younger's role as Secretary of State - shots of Younger walking along Whitehall to cabinet meeting at 10 Downing Street - crowds of onlookers, other ministers arriving at Downing Street, including Christopher Soames, Mark Carlisle, Michael Heseltine, Lord Carrington, Peter Walker, Ian Gilmour, John Biffen, John Nott - gvs Downing Street - Younger leaves No. 10, gets into car and is driven away (18.04) shots of Younger driving tractor through field, his son in trailer behind - Younger sawing tree branch with chainsaw - shots of Younger and Diana in garden of their house, inspecting flower beds - Younger playing football with sons in garden (20.05) int shots in house, Diana in kitchen preparing meal, daughter setting table - family at table having meal, Diana voiceover about the family's domestic arrangements - talking head Diana sitting in garden about family's domestic arrangements shot of garden, c/u thistle and bee (21.34) gvs Bute House and Charlotte Square, Younger family strolling in Charlotte Square gardens, standing around Prince Albert memorial (22.43) gvs Big Ben and houses of Parliament - closing sequence of repeated or similar images from earlier in programme (25.16) [black, music continues] (25.38)