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Reference number: T1547

Date: 1973c

Production company: STV

Sound: mute

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 2.47 mins

Description: A look at Cumbernauld whilst much of the area is still under construction.

Please note this film is mute ie. soundtrack is not currently deposited with the National Library of Scotland Moving Image Archive.

Shotlist: Aerial view of Kildrum (0.06) Aerial view of Sacred Heart Primary School (0.12) Flash frames and leader (0.27) Zoom in on Cumbernauld High School (0.39) The construction of Cumbernauld town centre (0.41) Inside the shopping centre mall (0.50) Warpark industrial estate (0.55) C/u of signpost for Cumbernauld Airfield (now Airport) (1.01) Tracking shot of high rise flats in Seafar (1.08) Tracking shot of houses in Seafar (0.14) Pan of the Lyle Carpets building in Warpark (1.20) Entrance to the Burroughs factory (now OKAI) (1.25) Exts Greenfaulds Sports Centre (1.27) tracking shot of businesses in industrial estate (1.36) The town centre construction (1.46) Exts Greenfaulds Sports Centre (1.56) Pan of Cumbernauld Village and surrounding countryside (2.12) Following the road into Kildrum from the air (2.27) Pan from Templeton's supermarket to the Golden Eagle hotel (2.43) People returning home to Abronhill in the dusk (2.58) [Trims and flash frames].
[Shotlisted at 24 fps]