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Clyde Valley Stompers’ singer Fionna Duncan tells an anecdote about an early gig in Stornoway. (clip)

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Reference number: N1072

Date: 1983*

Producer: Christopher Kay

Production company: Grampian Television

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 36.35 mins

Description: The Clyde Valley Stompers reunite after 21 years. This television documentary is 'the story of that sentimental journey' from their break up in the sixties to where they are now, featuring their unique brand of jazz music and plenty of interviews and anecdotes along the way!

See also ref. 3352

Credits: The Clyde Valley Stompers : Ian Menzies, Trombone; Forrie Cairns, Clarinet; Malcolm Higgins, Trumpet; John Cairns, Piano; Norrie Brown, Banjo; Fionna Duncan, Vocalist.

We wish to thank John and Eleanor McDowall, Largs and Lindsay Cooper, Billy Law, John Harper; Scottish Film Archive, Glasgow; Film Finders Ltd., London.

film sd. George Leslie Jnr., Sandy Knox, Alan Bereton, Cameron Crosby
sd. dubbing Dave Samson
film electrician George Rae
camera Ron Barton, Dave Flett
p. ass. Barbara Dickie
film ed. Barbara Pluck

Shotlist: [intertitles overlaid over B&W archive footage of Glasgow, street scenes and some gvs Stompers] The Swinging Sixties... Britain resounds to the exuberant music of the great Traditional Jazz Bands... Barber, Bilk, and Ball... Lightfoot and Welsh, and the pride of Scotland - "The Clyde Valley Stompers." The war generation starved of their own sound, vote for the Stompers... with their feet. (0.54) The Trad boom fades... The Stompers break up. Twenty years later they get together again... this is the story of that sentimental journey (1.03) [COL] rehearsal, Fionna Duncan (vocalist) singing along to John Cairns on piano (1.46) shot of Clyde Valley Stompers on stage, intercut with B&W dancehall footage from days gone by. She sings 'Don't Mention My Name' (2.41) 'Northwest Orient' aeroplane landing on Glasgow runway title (3.11) members of the Stompers enjoy an emotional reunion at the airport (3.40) they get into van, tracking shots of them on road. [Commentary from band members regarding the past and how they got back together after all these years] (4.27) ints dressing room Fionna Duncan applying makeup. gvs as band chat in dressing room. [Comments include the break up of the band, friendships] (5.49) camera follows band from back corridors to stage, and views them from the wings (6.34) gvs band performing jazz (9.58) the band reminisce and laugh over old stories in the pub over a drink and a smoke (10.57) shot of piano being lifted out of van, the band set up as Fionna 'sleeps' lying out on front row of seats (11.44) gvs band on stage [commentary discusses Fionna as thought of by other band members] (15.13) the band aboard a ferry for Stornoway, arrival in Stornoway [commentary remembers a memorable gig there, as a result of accepting an invitation by Committee of the Fire Service] (16.36) they disembark from ferry. One of the men kisses the ground (16.57) [B&W] archive footage The Stompers are Coming! (from Charlie Chaplin movie, "The Fireman"?) (18.01) [COL] gvs Stompers performing on stage again (20.42) i/v various members of the audience at the gig, including a man who used to be a member of the Committee of the Fire Service, a self confessed 'Glasgow Blues man', locals who are glad this type of jazz music is being brought to the island (21.19) c/u bass solo, gvs band playing in concert [commentary discusses turning professional, how they started out at Glasgow University, maturity, how great it is not to be tied to the nine to five] (25.42) gvs boarding ferry for return journey. Clarinettist talks about how he currently lives in Zurich, Switzerand but would gladly come back (26.06) [B&W] archive footage boarding a ferry (26.35) [COL] ferry leaving harbour, gvs Stompers performing on deck of boat (27.10) ints band on stage (30.12) i/v with man in audience about his memory of watching them as a student. Various i/v about The Stompers being the first kind of music they listened to, 'misspent youth'. (31.28) shot of buffet dinner laid out with food, gvs bar, people having a drink (31.56) further i/v with audience (32.16) Fionna Duncan stubs out a cigarette standing in the wings before striding out on stage. She sings 'Amen' [the soundtrack of her singing this song continues until the end of the programme] (32.28) [B&W] archive footage singing and dancing (32.32) [COL] Fionna takes the microphone on stage (32.35) [BW] archive footage of jazz dancing in a club (Harlem?) [v/o says how they've enjoyed the tour and how they hope to do it again] (35.48) The End (35.50) ecs (36.35)