A goshawk owner describes the challenges of the hobby of falconry. (clip)

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Reference number: N1068

Date: 1986*

Director: [d. B. Freeston]

Production company: [ Grampian Television]

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 25.25 mins

Description: A documentary covering the events of the Grampian Field Sports Fair held on a series of hot summer days near Newmachar in Aberdeenshire; includes clay shooting, fly fishing and pony and trap events. Interviews are held with the host of the Games, participants and stallholders.

The full length film can be viewed on YouTube on STV Scotland's official channel at

Credits: [ed. C. Hain]

Shotlist: title sequence (0.50) Grampian fields sports fair Stralloch Estate (?) Newmachar. General views crowds walking about (1.11) Ladies of Inverdee Dog Training Club gvs dog show, tricks etc level of training and obedience in their dogs (1.48) stall where Ythanside Gravadlax is being prepared - a lady dresses this dish of smoked salmon with mustard and dill sauce (2.18) shot of people tucking into a meal in the marquee (2.24) gvs horses (2.28) lady in a turquoise hat (2.31) competition driving with horse and trap (3.32) c/u judges marking the shots (?) i/v with American regarding shoot, recent skeet shoot in Kippen where they played against against England, Scotland Wales. A thirty bird flush is described, gvs as people prepare. the men describe the types of guns they have brought; e.g. Miroku trap gun (4.56) ducks are herded by dog into wire pen (5.53) marquee, people enjoy a cold beer (6.05) child on tree swing, exts house (6.27) ints pool where i/v with Maj. Irvine (6.59) pipes and drums perform in field gvs people walking about, enjoying the sun (7.48) clay shoot, men load, shoot and reload guns, people set of clays (8.54) [slow-mo] men showing horses, running alongside. (9.26) shot of blacksmith chatting about his work. shaping and firing horseshoes, speaks about leaving his work with the Essex hunt to move to Scotland. (10.49) announcement of the pony and trap driving competition against the clock called a 'scurry'. gvs same, some in slo-mo. (12.19) men dressed as “Cowboys and Indians”, shot of men performing a shooting duel. The cameraman gets 'shot' at the end (13.11) i/v with lady in the St. John's Ambulance van (13.26) casting competition in loch, gvs fishing casting competition (13.54) i/v with casting man, talks about technique etc, gvs of angler in action (14.25) men stand chatting about competition [very broad accents] horse show in background (14.56) c/u birds of prey, including a kestrel (15.27) man holding a goshawk from Finland i/v with falconer gvs handling competition people walk in a line. He describes and shows how to handle and train (16.51) gvs terrier racing (17.34) stall selling tapes. gvs show, stalls. [music: Katrina and the Waves "Sun Street"] (18.22) exts saddler, bridles etc. man explaining how he will repair a deer saddle. mentions gaining the royal warrant after making saddles for the Jubilee 1977 (19.04) roebuck skull, awarded a silver medal from the game conservancy. various skulls. red deer stag (20.08) Grampian Hunt led by master of the hunt, Mr Agnew, hounds, huntsmaster blows horn and hounds respond to it (21.34) i/v with local director British Association for shooting and conservation. David Cant, organiser. asked whether shooting and conservation are contradictory, speak of creating habitat etc as well as sport (22.31) archery (22.43) awards ceremony, shields are awarded for shooting (everything won by Henry Burns!) (24.06) people start to leave, pan of site [no ecs] (25.25)