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Reference number: 9567

Date: 1957c

Director: filmed by James S. Anderson

Sound: silent

Original format: std. 8mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 28.58 mins

Description: Amateur holiday footage of a family visiting the Western Isles, Dumfriesshire, Fife and Aberdeenshire.

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Shotlist: [no title] - underexposed shots of loch and on board ferry - gvs pier at Tobermory, shots from steamer departing - tracking shots of loch, lighthouse, coastline (2.29) gvs launch coming alongside steamer, packages being handed down, sacks and motorbike winched down, launch departing - gvs on deck of steamer (3.59) gvs approaching linkspan pier, passengers disembarking, Royal Mail vans waiting on pier - gvs steamer at pier, car being winched to pier then driven away - gvs countryside and pier in distance (7.04) shots from departing steamer - shot of car on deck - gvs coastline from steamer, approaching Castlebay harbour, Barra (9.06) gvs coastline from steamer - steamer at pier, sheep pens in foreground - gvs passing lighthouse, approaching Tobermory harbour - gvs from steamer at sea, passengers on deck, passing Duart Castle on Mull - gvs coastline, approaching Oban, crowds at pier (11.57) gvs large house and gardens, group of women coming out of doorway - women walking dogs at Dunbar harbour - gvs Dunbar Castle, outdoor swimming pool (12.46) dark int shots inside caravan - group of people outside large house - boy playing with dogs in garden, dog climbing up ladder at wall - gvs car and caravan driving out of field and along road - Caerlaverock Castle car park sign - gvs family visiting castle (14.48) angler and boy fishing at river, family having picnic in field - panning shot along houses at Glencaple to Barbour Memorial Hall, caravan in field in foreground, young woman playing with dog (16.00) pan from bridge across buses at White Sands, Dumfries - swans on water, view along River Nith - gvs New Bridge and Devorgilla Bridge (17.10) gvs River Nith - shot of family inside Vauxhall Cresta car - gvs family in gardens and field - gvs in farmyard, woman walks by with pails, man with dogs - gvs Vauxhall Cresta and caravan sitting on road in glen, family walking dogs on verge - gvs fields beside road (20.05) Grangemouth town sign at bridge - gvs at Grangemouth, flooded land at edge of Forth - gvs Kincardine Bridge, River Forth and Kincardine power station (21.00) gvs family on beach - pan across harbour at St. Monans - gvs from the Toft, Elie, boats at anchor and dogs at harbour wall (22.37) gvs Cresta and caravan at small camp site in field - brief shot golf course - boy watching at fence as Class 101 diesel railcar passes - underexposed shots at river? - gvs family visiting gardens - gvs caravan site, steam train passing in distance, family coming out of caravan, boy feeding donkeys in field - gvs boy playing golf, dogs chasing ball - pan across golf course and caravan site - boy and man digging - gvs woman at door of house, young woman and dogs in garden, man at greenhouse eating tomato (27.14) man walking along shore road with dogs - family sunbathing in garden, playing with dogs, men demonstrating flowers in garden (28.14) National Trust sign for The Hermitage - gvs forest and Ossian's Hall - dark shots of river and waterfall - pan across loch (28.58)