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Reference number: 9566

Date: 1961*

Director: filmed by James S. Anderson

Sound: silent

Original format: std. 8mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 30.34 mins

Description: Amateur holiday footage of trips to Morocco and Loch Lomond.

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Shotlist: [no title] - gvs chalet park, Mercedes sitting outside chalet - pan across loch and mountains - gvs waterfall and river, loch, men walking across weir, relaxing beside waterfall - gvs pier beside loch, motor yachts approaching, paddle steamer Maid of the Loch approaching - shots from Maid of the Loch departing from pier at Inversnaid, past Inversnaid Hotel - gvs passengers on deck on Loch Lomond, loch-side views - shots approaching Ardlui pier, passengers disembarking (3.39) high shot of Tangier coastline, gvs tourists in streets of Tangier, Rue Ben Raisul, snake charmer holding two snakes, musicians playing in background, snake charmer sets fire to bundle of straw by breathing on it - gvs tourists in Sultan's Palace courtyard with fountain - tracking shots from car through streets (5.52) gvs landscape and town, rocks at coast, lighthouse at Cap Spartel - gvs cliffs at sea, long sandy beach with cave entrance, local guide - gvs tourists being taken on camel ride (7.44) gvs in countryside, farmer using horse and donkeys to trample grain - gvs small settlement and cattle - tracking shots from car through countryside - group of men outside restaurant - oof shots of countryside, settlement, woman at roadside, tracking shots through trees and town (10.15) tracking shots approaching white building, gvs farm with gourds in foreground, policeman and soldiers on road beside car - gvs farmyard and children in field hiding from camera (11.18) tracking shots from car along wide road - oof shots in village and along road through countryside and town - oof shots of tourists and tracking shots through town (13.20) tourists climbing up steps, man standing beside hotel sign - gvs gardens, road sign to Rabat - gvs fields, man with donkey - men changing car tyre beside road, women sit waiting at roadside - shot from car past herd of cattle in town - shots of petrol station - pan across settlement in countryside, country road - shots outside Grand Hotel in town - gvs gardens (15.31) [sequence with double-exposed shots of town and tourist scenes, camp in countryside] (17.27) dark shot of man at work - oof shots of town street, women coming out of mosque, l/shots city, country road (18.19) street sign Boulevard Mohammed V in Casablanca - gvs city streets and gardens, local people walking past (19.28) gvs countryside, tents in distance, temple and gardens, children playing in pool - gvs village at roadside - tracking shots from car along road, passing settlement and hills, into town - gvs roads, pan across town on hillside - tracking shots from car entering town, through archways (22.50) gvs lake and dam - tourists standing next to car, flowing well at roadside (23.25) gvs hotel swimming pool, surrounding mountains and village - gvs town market, local people selling baskets of produce, sitting on steps of mosque - gvs market and hillside town, narrow alleys and archways of old town, horses in courtyard (26.33) gvs hotel swimming pool, tourists swimming (27.02) gvs countryside and hillside town, tour guide and local people, sunflowers - tracking shot from car in city - gvs alleys and stalls, buildings and tower, gardens and square - tracking shot from car along city street - children playing on pavement - tracking shots in countryside - camels at roadside - tracking shots through countryside - gvs road and building on hill (30.08) brief shots on deck of ship, gvs coast (30.34)