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Reference number: 9474

Date: 1963

Sound: silent

Original format: std. 8mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 30.32 mins

Description: Amateur footage of family holidays, including trips to Butlin's holiday camp at Heads of Ayr, Alloway, Wales, Chester Zoo, Italy and Austria.

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Shotlist: PIXIELAND PRODUCTIONS PRESENT - title - dark shots of rain falling on ground - tracking shots from car along motorway - gvs Scotland's First House, blacksmith's shop at Gretna Green - dark shots of interior, pictures, anvil - gvs group of visitors enacting mock wedding ceremony - family posing for camera at anvil - gvs outside, tour coach and visitors, The Standing Chain in garden - tracking shots from car along country roads, approaching entrance to Butlin's holiday camp at Heads of Ayr - gvs Butlin's, children playing on chute and swing, putting, carousel - children in paddling pool playing with toy boat (4.44) gvs indoor swimming pool - pipe band playing on sports field - gvs chair lift - shots from chair lift of Butlin's camp, swimming pool, playgrounds, tennis courts and sea beyond (6.08) dark indoor shots of wrestling bout - gvs around camp, cleaners making beds and cleaning accommodation huts - shots of Empire Theatre and billboard for Uncle Harry - camp redcoats leading group of children to swimming pool - redcoats in fancy dress are pushed off high diving board into pool - gvs chair lift - boy dressed as pirate fires gun at camera - gvs boy and girl on train ride (9.46) gvs family on visit to Burns Cottage at Alloway - dark int shots - family depart - gvs family visiting Burns Monument and gardens, the Auld Brig, River Doon, the Auld Kirk, statues of Burns characters, family in gardens, bird-house on tree trunk - dark int shots of toy car-racing track (11.58) family walking along woodland path to Robert the Bruce's cave, shown round by guide - dog lying next to sign for Bruce's Cave car park - int shots in museum (12.54) sequence of European postcards - SOME SHOTS OF LYNNE'S TOUR ABROAD - sequence of brief shots from train carriage through Europe - gvs in city, trams, streets, possibly Zurich - gvs in mountains and view down to lake - gvs from coach passing through ski resorts in Austria - gvs souvenir stall, lakes and mountains - gvs Lake Garda, Riva del Garda at foot of mountain - pan across power station and car park - people relaxing on promenade, sitting outside cafe - shots from inside cable car going up side of mountain, views back down to lake and town - dark shots of old building - gvs camp-site at lake edge, vines on terraces on hill, lake (17.30) gvs Venice, tracking shots from boat on canals - gondolas moored and on canals, houses at edge - gvs Piazza San Marco and Basilica - dark interior shots - Basilica and campanile from across lagoon - domes of Basilica - tracking shots from train past river and mountains, church tower, bridge - gvs Innsbruck, public gardens, Baroque frontage of the Helblinghaus, the Goldenes Dachl - brief pan across square and fountain (19.56) [black] (20.12) brief shot of young women in basement posing for camera - [brief shots in London and black] (20.23) tracking shots from vehicle along country roads in Wales, passing through Botwnnog - gvs houses and Botwnnog Post Office, boy and girl walking along street to garage, get into Ford Anglia inside - c/u sign Aberdaron Meat Stores - gvs old bridge and village square, cafe, shop, Y Gegin Fawr restaurant - gvs beach, people playing on sand - boy and girl making sand-castles, climbing cliffs - gvs beach and coastline - gvs busy beach, children playing cricket, people sunbathing, paddling, playing football, playing on sand dunes (24.30) tracking shots from car going down through valley and along single-track country road, across moorland (26.03) c/u Chester Zoo pennant - gvs zoo, including seals, bears, goats, polar bears, tigers, monkeys, lions, zebra, giraffes, boy feeding zebra, camels, beaver, elephants, rhinoceros, visitors on motor launch, gv zoo buildings - Bye Bye Folks - THE END animated caption (30.32)