LOOKING OVER THE FENCE: Impressions of Scotland by Raduz Cincera & Jan Spata

The personality cult of the baby in industrial Glasgow. (clip)

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Title: LOOKING OVER THE FENCE: Impressions of Scotland by Raduz Cincera & Jan Spata

Reference number: 3273

Date: 1965

Sponsor: [p. Czechoslovak Film made with the assistance of the Films of Scotland Committee]

Production company: Kratky Film, Prague

Sound: sound

Original format: 35mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 17.51 mins

Description: A dryly humourous quasi-philosophical account of the nature and psyche of Scotland and its natives, from the perspective of two visiting Czechs.

Made by a film unit from Czechoslovakia with the assistance of the Films of Scotland Committee. English commentary.

Credits: with the assistance of Masa Charouzaova, Ludvik Pavlicek, Jan Klusak, Kevin Stewart, Miroslav Letensky
Czechoslovak Film presents

produced by Kratky Film Praha 1965 Docxkumentarni Film. Filmove Laboratore Barrandov

Shotlist: opening credits (0.32) tracking shots from car driving through city at night, with many bright illuminations enlivening the surroundings (London, probably) (1.15) tracking shots from car on the motorway north to Scotland, and though Manchester (1.58) now in Scotland, various shots gardens and suburban residential areas, focussing particularly on the fences, hedges, dividing lines etc. that mark the boundaries between properties. Some shots include children playing in garden (3.40) ext. Rosebank whisky factory; m/s potato 'howkers' working in field (4.10) tracking shots from car on Scottish B road (4.37) gvs Loch Lomond - boats and landscape (5.48) tracking shot from train passing along Forth Rail Bridge; m/s said bridge (6.13) tracking shots from car on Glasgow - Edinburgh M8, looking out onto various factories / industrial estates near roadside (6.51) street scene by Strathclyde University - buses and traffic also in view (7.32) gvs rural country landscape in central Scotland (9.10) c/u ext. La Scala cinema (9.20) various shots mothers pushing prams along streets; children crossing road with the aid of a lollipop man (10.18) various Glasgow city centre street scenes - traffic passes by, pedestrians and shop facades in view (11.00) l/s Inverernie castle and Inchcolm abbey (11.30) gvs opening of the Forth Road Bridge - gathered crowds and police, military march, the Queen arrives, a pipe band marches past(13.43) gvs garden party in the grounds of Holyrood Palace (15.20) brief tracking shots from boat leaving Oban harbour; tracking shots from boat passing down the Clyde - mostly shots of Dumbarton Rock (17.44) The End (17.51)