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Reference number: 8718

Date: 1935c

Director: filmed by Daniel Dougall

Sound: silent

Original format: 9.5mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: Non-Fiction

Running time: 12.40 mins

Description: Amateur footage of family holidays on the Devon coast and on Islay - also includes shots of outdoor bathing pools at North Berwick and Dunbar.

Shotlist: [no title] blank (0.05) gv of beach with bathing huts and lifeboat shed? - gv of street and monument - high shot of bay and beach, motor launch arriving at jetty - shots of launch departing, gvs of bay and harbour at Brixham, Devon, with fishing boats and cars, headland in background - shot of statue of William, Prince of Orange at harbour - shots of gulls - shot of ferry leaving harbour - gv Dartmouth Castle - brief shots of village, bathing pool - pan across landscape with mill? buildings and cottages - brief shot castle on hilltop (2.18) ILFRACOMBE The Esplanade and Wildersmouth Beach - brief shot of Esplanade, gvs of waves in rocky bay - ILFRACOMBE Views from Capstone Tunnels and Beach - shots of fishing boat and motor boats with water-skiers passing -shots of visitors at rocky beach on windy day (3.26) DUNSTER Yarn Market and Nunnery - gvs of Yarn Market building, cottages and visitors walking around, gv of main street - MINEHEAD Bay and Church, Quirk's Almshouses - gv of Minehead bay, street with church and row of cottages - brief pan across landscape to coast - sign 'Tors Hotel' - LYNMOUTH Mars Hill, The Harbour - gv harbour at Lynmouth, river and old lighthouse at harbour - Modern Transport in Clovelly's only Street - Panorama of Beach - shots of children riding on donkeys up steep village street - gvs of beach and Clovelly village (5.16) brief tracking shot from train carriage through station - EXETER - Guildhall - Cathedral - Mol's Coffee-House - gv Exeter High Street and Guildhall building, shots of cathedral and Mol's Coffee House (5.34) A Holiday at Port-Ellen - brief shot of people at harbour - GIGHA - Landing Sheep - shots of sheep being pushed down gangway on to pier - PIONEER - Deck-Washing - shots of crew members washing down the deck of paddle steamer 'Pioneer' - The Pioneer Arrives - shots of Pioneer approaching quay, tying up, passengers disembarking - White Hart Hotel Guests - gv group of people - Mr Wardrop and Nana - man and woman walk towards camera in front of Ramsay Hall - White Hart Hotel - Miss MacKechnie - shots of woman and guests outside hotel doorway - PORT-ELLEN The Bathers - shots of woman and two men diving into harbour at Port Ellen, swimming - David and Nana Wardrop - shot of man and woman riding on motorbike - MACHRIE - First Green - group of golfers on green - MACHRIE - Mount Zion - gv golf course, women playing on green - MACHRIE - Scotsman's Maiden - gvs of golf course, sand dunes, players teeing off (7.53) Peat-Gathering by Cart - shots of men gathering peat in barrows, pushing railway carts full of peat along track - shots of horse and cart loaded with peat - shots of men shovelling peat? on to 'White Horse' Albion lorry - Waves at Machrie - gvs waves on rocky shore - Lighthouse Port-Ellen - brief shot of same - Port-Askaig Here's to You! - shot of group drinking toast outside bar - Port-Askaig Panorama - panning shots across houses at Port Askaig - Kildalton Cross - shot of group around Celtic cross - Alexa and Douglas at Claggan Bay - shot of man and woman paddling in sea - shot of Scout troupe walking along street - Farewell to Port-Ellen - gvs of people and cars at harbour, some waving to camera - pan across Port Ellen harbour and town - gv of steamers at sea (10.15) North Berwick - The Bathing Pond - gvs of same, children and adults swimming, diving and sliding down chute - shots of people diving from high board (11.07) Dunbar The Bathing Pond - high shots of Dunbar bathing pond, waves breaking over far wall - shot of mean and women fooling around on grass - shot of divers at pond - shots of two pipers marching up street at seashore - brief shot of Abbotsford - Melrose Abbey in which Robert Bruce's Heart was buried - gvs abbey and visitors walking around - Dryburgh Abbey The Tombs of Scott and Haig - gvs of same - The End (12.33) blank (12.40)