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Reference number: 0969

Date: 1933

Director: [filmed by James & Margaret Drummond-Hay]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 17.45 mins

Description: A record of a motoring holiday in the Highlands and Islands, visiting Skye, Oban and Iona Abbey.

Shotlist: [no title] - shot on pier at Fort William, Saro Cloud seaplane landing on loch, James Drummond-Hay and Lord Malcolm Douglas-Hamilton chatting, and Douglas-Hamilton talking to older man beside Macrae & Dick coach (0.48) gvs hills and road, car at side, Drummond-Hay posing for camera, smoking pipe - tracking shots from car - gvs landscape - more tracking shots through glen (2.35) gvs Dornie ferry, two women in car drive on - gvs Eilean Donan Castle from ferry - c/u shots of Drummond-Hay inside car (3.53) shot of Douglas-Hamilton and others talking on pier - shots of Drummond-Hay and Douglas-Hamilton playing bagpipes outside house, then looking at plan with two other men (5.14) shot of Drummond-Hay cranking engine of Saro Cloud seaplane - aerial shots of Portree and loch from seaplane - tracking shots from car along lochside road - shots of Drummond-Hay and others getting into car, driving on to ferry at Kyleakin, Castle Moil in background - passengers wave and ferry starts off - shots of Drummond-Hay paying and talking to ferryman (7.44) tracking shots from car along lochside - high shot of loch and glen - more tracking shots (9.49) gvs outside large house, Drummond-Hay packing suitcases into car, friend in dressing gown and two women play around and pose for camera (10.29) shots of Drummond-Hay and instructor Eric Greenwood preparing for flight in De Havilland Moth Major near Dungavel House in Lanarkshire, fitting helmets - shots of plane in flight past Dungavel (11.36) shots of man talking to camera next to building in countryside - shots of group of young men and women on promenade at Oban, outside Oban Times office, playing around for camera, including Drummond-Hay's wife Margaret and Malcolm Douglas-Hamilton - gvs at Iona Abbey, gvs landscape - shot of group of friends walking up road (13.18) shots of group around Saro Cloud seaplane, possibly G-ABXW 'Cloud of Iona' - tracking shots of landscape from car (14.01) group with Drummond-Hay and women at Oban - gvs across bay - l/shots Saro Cloud seaplane on water and coming in to land - shot of launch coming in to slipway and passengers getting off, led by Drummond-Hay's friend - friend unties rope and launch departs, Drummond-Hay on board - shots of Drummond-Hay and friends playing around for camera at Oban (16.06) shots of Drummond-Hay and wife Margaret lying around in grass in countryside - gvs hills and couple at roadside - gvs memorial at lochside and tracking shots from car (17.45)