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  • Argyllshire
  • Glasgow


  • Leisure and recreation
  • Religion
  • Ships and shipping
  • Sporting activities
  • Tourism and travel


  • Amateur


  • 1930s

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Reference number: 1801

Date: 1935

Director: [filmed by Revd. George Allan]

Sound: silent

Original format: 9.5mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 14.27 mins

Description: Record of events relating to Princess Street Church of Port Glasgow, including an outing on the "Waverley" paddle steamer, a Sunday School picnic to Kirn, and a Boy Scout's camp at Kilchattan Bay.

Rev. George Allan was minister in the Fenwick district c. 1930/34 and Port Glasgow 1935/39. His films, taken as a hobby, reflect community life centred on activities associated with the local church. The footage is well shot and edited.

See also films from this collection by Revd. Allan at 1798, 1799, 1800, 1802, 1804, 1805 and 1807

Shotlist: [shotlist retimed from speed corrected tape, manual control track]

title. Shots on board the "PS Waverley" paddle steamer. Children's outing, games, races, etc. Includes three legged races, putting, skipping ropes, picnicking (2.08) A trip on the Firth. Shots of same, including tracking shots of other vessels (2.48) 1936. A Film Record of Church Summer Activity. Sunday School picnic to Kirn. various shots of steamers; gvs groups of children and adults on board the"PS Waverly"; skipping; children's races; grown-up's races; egg and spoon race, three-legged race - ladies in coats sit on grass to spectate (5.54) Look What I've Got c/u boy holding a boat; buying ice cream from a "Gizzi Bros." ice cart (6.14) The Boat Again gvs crowds of children; children drinking tea (6.34) Princess Street Boy Scouts in camp, Kilchattan Bay. boys peeling potatoes; cricket; playing leapfrog (7.36) Obstacle Race gvs same (8.03) Skylarks scouts take turns throwing each other into the air using a blanket; [race shown in reverse] (8.51) An Aerial Visitor brief shot of a bi-plane (9.00) A Dip in the Briny gvs as boys clamber over rocks and swim in sea (9.32) The Bible Class. A Visit to Livingstone Memorial, Blantyre. Shots of same, gvs bus journey (10.49) An Hour of Fun adults playing in a playground - chute, roundabout, swings etc. (12.10) The Office Bearers' Outing. Shots of same including a crossing on the Erskine Ferry, the Erskine Bridge, Lochearnhead and Aberfoyle (14.23) The End (14.27)