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Reference number: 0531

Date: 1933 - 1939

Director: [filmed by Marald Grant]

Sound: silent

Original format: std. 8mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 20.00 mins

Description: Various aspects of Guild of Aid voluntary welfare work in the Gorbals, Glasgow, including a trip to Dunoon, nursery provision, sewing and dancing classes for local women.

Amateur footage filmed by Marald Grant, Warden of the Guild of Aid from 1926 to 1960. See notes from Grant and transcripts of interviews with her.

Preservation of this film supported by the National Heritage Memorial Fund.

Shotlist: REEL I
No credits. Shot outside the Guild of Aid hall in Glasgow's Gorbals, women standing in the doorway (.07) Savings Clubs. shots inside the hall as Miss Marald Grant [warden of the Guild of Aid] takes subscription money from women and enters the deposits in a ledger. Shot of a page in the ledger (.56) Rug-making class. gvs of a number of women making rugs, using reject thrums from Templeton's carpet factory. Shots of the backing fabric, sewing and sorting wool (1.36) Summer outing to Barcapel. the director of the Guild of Aid outside a house. General shots of the ladies of the Guild, including Mrs. Campbell, and men and women on the outing (3.24) shots of children enjoying the outing, running races, etc. (4.27) Dancing class. Miss White of Giffnock demonstrates a dance, shots of the children in the dancing class in the hall (5.53) Sewing class. Shots of the sewing class as the children learn how to cut out a pattern, work treadle sewing machines, sew by hand and fit a jacket (7.13) The Guild of Aid ladies and children enter hall and begin rehearsals for a pantomime (8.34) general shots of the countryside by Callander. Shot of a house, "The Knowe". General shots of people in the grounds and of the opening of the house as the Guild of Aid holiday home. Those present include the Provost and Mrs. Biggar of Callander, Lord and Lady Bilsland and Lady Weir (11.23) Dunoon trip 1937. Shots of steamers at the Broomielaw in Glasgow and of queues of people embarking (11.40) two women hold up a Guild of Aid banner. Women embark (11.59) shots from the steamers of shipyards. Shots of people on board (13.01) shots ashore and in the dining hall. gvs of Dunoon streets (13.14) bus and driver, people on the pier, a steamer (13.48)

No credits. Shots of children under five being brought in to the Guild of Aid nursery. Shots f the mothers, children and a nurse on the doorstep (.13) general shots inside of babies being bathed by nurse (1.23) Play time. Shots of the roof of the Guild of Aid hall being used as a play area. Children at play in sandpit, on chute, etc. (2.48) shot of a child washing his hands at washbasin and shot of row of towels hanging up (3.33) After dinner nap. Shots of beds on the roof as the children sleep (3.56) children get up again (4.09) Tea time. Shots on roof of table and chairs and of children eating their tea. Two nurses each holding two babies (5.06) Summer outing to Barcapel. Children playing games, general shots of women and children (6.11) Good night. Shots at the door of the hall as children leave for home (6.24)