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Reference number: 0893

Date: 1931

Director: filmed by Ronald L. Jay

Sponsor: [ Glasgow Corporation Education Authority] Necessitous Children's Holiday Camp Fund

Sound: sound

Original format: 35mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 32.00 mins

Description: Glasgow children enjoying a holiday at the seaside.

Premiered March 1931. One of a series of fund-raising films produced in aid of the Necessitous Children's Holiday Camp Fund, Glasgow. Film made each year to assist in campaign raise money for following year's camp. Shown in Glasgow cinemas, then lights put up and collecting boxes sent round the audience. See research notes.


Joe Allan, director of Education for Glasgow Corporation was responsible for organising the fund raising for the scheme.

First post-synchronised sound-on-disc film made in Scotland. Sound discs and cassette recording of same held by the Archive.

Shotlist: REEL I
Credits (.33); Shots of children playing in back courts of city tenements (2.15); Children, mainly girls, paddling at water's edge (2.40); Children exercising at Gourock camp (3.05); Boys on rocky shore (3.28); Two boys with kittens (3.43); Boys follow adult leader in simple dance at camp in Rothesay (4.01); A piggyback race (4.14); Boys march past camera waving handkerchiefs (4.27); Shot from pier as steamer "King George" pulls out (4.49); Shots of crowds on pier (4.59); Boys arrive outside large house in Dunoon and are welcomed by Sir Harry Lauder (5.59); [Out-of-focus] Shot of waving crowds on Dunoon pier from steamer as it moves away from pier (6.15); Shot Will Fyffe talking to Sir Charles Clelland, Chairman of the NCHCF. Trams pass in background (6.44); Boys wave from railway bridge as steam train passes below. (7.04); Group of boys visit farm at Inverkip where they watch chickens and calves being fed, help to herd cattle into byre and help to bring in the hay (9.08); Boys leaving church service (9.52); General shots of boys at campsite at West Barnes near Dunbar. Tents pitched all round (10.09); Sir Charles Clelland and one other arrive at the camp. Boys race to tent. Older boys entertain the assembled group (11.03) 400 ft


No credits. Shots of boys on campsite playing with puppy (.35); Boys playing cricket (1.10); Row of boys fishing in river (1.30); Boys wading in river (1.52); Children playing behind city tenements (2.11); Group of boys with adult leader on trip to the zoo, where they visit black bears, brown bear, polar bear, monkeys, birds, sea lions, penguin, deer, camels and lions (6.28); Some boys take a ride on the elephant (6.59); A couple feeds scraps to the elephant (7.06); Boys on rocky beach at Dunbar camp looking amongst rock pools (7.28); One shows a crab he has found (7.35); Open air swimming pool on beach at Dunbar (8.05); Boys on small boating pond (8.20); Boys in pool, sliding down chute into pool (8.36); Boys on sandy beach at North Berwick. Bass Rock in the background (10.08); Mealtime. Interior shots of boys and girls seated around table at Cockenzie camp, saying "Grace" prior to eating (10.31); Food is served (10.55); Similar scene out-of-doors. Shots of children, mainly girls, around table saying "Grace" before their meal (11.10) 402 ft


No credits. Girl with shaven head entertains her peers (.55); Girls on sandy beach and playing in the sea (3.49); Young children play game in back court of city tenement (4.15); Different children playing the same game on dunes at Gullane (4.36); Boys playing cricket on the sand (4.50); Boys play draughts, some with shaven, some with partly shaven heads (5.11); Steamer "Lady Ailsa" takes boys out of Ailsa Craig (5.39); Shots on board, including boys on the bridge, one of whom takes a turn at the wheel (6.09); View of Ailsa Craig from steamer (6.27); Group of boys playing a tune on mouth organs (6.34); Steamer ties up at small pier and boys disembark (6.57); Exterior shots of boys on visit to lighthouse (7.14); Long shot of boys re-boarding steamer (7.17); Shots on board during return journey (7.38); Close-up of Ailsa Craig. Birds flying overhead and perched on rock face (8.01); On deck some of the boys are shown how to tie knots (8.25); Boy asleep on deck (8.31); [Blue tint to end] Shot of campsite and boys asleep (8.39); Boys asleep in dormitory (9.15); Infants are put to bed (9.40); Older children asleep in their beds (10.23); Subscriptions should be sent to: Mr R M Allardyce, MA LLB Education Offices, 129 Bath Street Glasgow C2. (10.38); ecs (10.52) 402 ft