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Reference number: 1745

Date: 1928 / 1930c

Sponsor: Corporation of Glasgow

Production company: J. Campbell Harper

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 20.00 mins

Description: Demonstration of the role of the Port Health Authority and the work it undertakes from the supervision of food imports to the inspection of ships' holds for rats.

Possibly film referred to as PORT LOCAL AUTHORITY shown in Scottish Pavilion at Empire Exhibition, 1938 (?)

Shotlist: REEL I (360 ft)

Title (.07); To supervise incoming foreign shipping - to guard against the ever-present danger of infectious disease - to examine - food cargoes, eliminating what is unfit for human consumption - and to control the sanitary conditions on board ship in the docks. These are the duties of a Port Health Authority (.30); Map of the Firth of Clyde (.43); Scenic shots near Largs and the Cloch lighthouse (1.15); Annually, about 2,000 vessels enter the port of Glasgow. In those, the Port Medical Officers detect some 200 cases of infectious disease (1.23); Map of the Clyde (1.43); Wide shot of unidentified steamer (1.54); Port Health officers boarding a vessel arriving from a foreign port (1.59); Shot of same (2.13); Shot of a declaration of health form (2.19); Shot of the Clyde Port Authority leaving the ship and shots of the ship heading up the Clyde (2.34); Tying up at Yorkhill Quay (2.36); General views of the "Caledonia" (Anchor Line) tying up and shots of the crew and passengers disembarking. Shot of woman passengers checking her luggage (3.03); Supervision of food imports. Into the Port of Glasgow come over 900,000 tons of foodstuffs annually. Examination and sampling result in the condemnation of some 1,000 tons as unfit for human consumption (3.18); General views of cargo being unloaded (3.53); Sampling and testing (3.56); General views of men checking various types of meat by smelling and eating it (5.25); General views of analysts checking various kinds of food and shots of men collecting samples of cheese and other foodstuffs (6.56); Panning shot in a shed and man loading a horse and cart (7.10); Shot of analyst checking the samples of cheese (7.38); Grain (7.41); General views of men in the hold of a ship using a suction hose to lift the grain. Wide shots of the granary and grain being loaded onto a lorry (8.17); Examining flour (8.21); General views of men checking over the flour (8.43); Supervision of imported jaffa oranges (8.53); Shots of the oranges being unloaded (9.06); Discarding damaged oranges (9.11); General views in the shed including shots of men selecting the best oranges (9.29); Shots of men dumping the oranges and wide shot of the boxes of oranges (9.56).

REEL II (360 ft)

No credits. Scrutiny of imported cattle by vetinary surgeons (.04); General views of cattle being unloaded (.40); Infectious diseases. (.44); General views of doctor inspecting crew on board ship (1.35); Special precautions are necessary against plague carrying rats. (1.50); General views of rat catchers laying traps on board ship with shots of rats and man catching one by hand (3.17); Men counting rats. Shot of rat running along a rope (3.44); Fumigation by poison gas [cyanide] (3.48); Shots of crew leaving ship and two men loading poison into buckets. Buckets are lowered into ship's hold (5.26); Shots of men sealing the cabin areas (5.34); Shot of certificate (6.07); Dead rats are examined by the bacteriologist for signs of plague (6.13); Shots of rat being dissected (7.45); Shots of passengers boarding 'Cameronia' and shot of the ship leaving the quay and sailing down the Clyde (9.16).