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Reference number: 0705

Date: 1928

Sponsor: [ Glasgow Corporation Education Authority, Necessitous Children's Holiday Camp Fund]

Sound: silent

Original format: 35mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 15.00 mins

Description: Jeannie and Mattie are accepted for a seaside holiday camp.

One of a series of fund-raising films produced in aid of the Necessitous Children's Holiday Camp Fund, Glasgow.

Film made each year to assist in campaign raise money for following year's camp. Shown in Glasgow cinemas, then lights put up and collecting boxes sent round the audience. See research notes 11/1/391.

See also SUNNY DAYS ref. 0893, TAM TRAUCHLE’S TROUBLES ref. 0235.
Joe Allan, director of Education for Glasgow Corporation was responsible for organising the fund raising for the scheme.

Credits: Under the auspices of the Glasgow Education Authority

Shotlist: [Only certain sections fully shotlisted]

Credits. "If you keep your face to the sunshine then your shadows behind you will fall". Sadness. The story begins as John Fraser waits outside a factory gate with sign reading "No vacancies". He returns home despondently to his "single end" tenement home. The family eat a sparse meal. Jeannie and Mattie go off to bed dreaming about the unattainable summer holiday (4.39) The Education Officer, 129 Bath Street, Glasgow. Rev David McQueen, Convenor of the Authority's Committee on Necessitous Children. Shots of clerks in offices and close-up of the Rev McQueen (5.00) A letter arrives at the Fraser household offering Jeannie and Mattie a place at summer camp. Preparations are made (6.20) Mother hands over the two girls to the Education Offices. [Joe Allan, Director of Education, seen standing on the left with his hand on the railing.] Parents wave farewell to the girls as they board buses and drive away (7.06) Leaving gloom behind. Entering sunshine ahead. LMS steam locomotive no 15401 pulls train out of station (7.17) All the children are housed in schools kindly lent for the purpose by various education authorities. Girls, led by teacher, file into the school building in Gullane (7.38) Golden hours on golden sands. Girls play games on beach and dance the charleston for the camera (8.40) Memories of the old home make writing a positive pleasure (postcard and stamp supplied free of charge at all camps). Shots of girls surrounding the "cheery cook" (9.44) 13th July. Returning with happiness. Pipe band leads file of children out of [Central] station in Glasgow. Convoy of buses pulls away to arrive outside the Education Offices in Bath Street to a crowd of waiting parents (10.37) The girls arrive home to discover that their father has found a job. John Fraser writes a letter of thanks to the Education Department (13.06) End captions [half frame only] requesting donations to the NCHCF. In the other half frame a young girl [Doris Allan, daughter of Joe Allan] performs fairy dance in ballet dress (13.33)