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Reference number: 1610

Date: 1925

Sound: silent

Original format: 35mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 10.40 mins

Description: Some of the Education authority special services are illustrated including the preparation of school meals, transporting children with disabilities to school and the work of Woodburn Hostel for blind children and Langside School for the Deaf.

Shotlist: Credits. The Authority undertakes the feeding and clothing of many children. The Central Cooking Depot - preparing the food at 7 am. Stirring the porridge for breakfast and preparing the mid-day meal. (.17); General views of men working in large kitchens (1.16); When cooked the food is put into the vacuum containers which keep it piping hot, and is conveyed in motor wagons to the schools. General views of the containers being loaded onto the wagons (1.50); Convoy of vehicles leaves the depot (2.08); A corner of the clothing store. Shots of ladies piling up clothes (2.24); A dining hall in a school. Children at lunch. "Praise God from whom all blessings flow". Shots inside the hall. Young children file in and take their places at tables. Grace is said and the food is dished out (3.17); Special schools. Going to schools by motor. Shots of a city street and children queuing up with teachers and parents. Convoy of motor vehicles pulls up and the children board, some with physical disabilities (3.58); Repeat shot of children boarding and vehicles leaving (4.17); Arriving at school. The children are helped out of the vehicles (4.50); Fresh air treatment. Lessons in the open. Needlework, leatherwork, rug-making. Shots of desks in open courtyard as pupils take various lessons. Close-up of a boy making a rug (6.23); All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. The 10 Minutes interval. General view of girls dancing (6.44); General views of playground, some children in wheelchairs, etc. (6.54); The playground of a special school. Long shot of school buildings (7.14); Some feathered scholars. A man feeds the hens (7.22); Woodburn Hostel for Blind children. Playing in the garden after tea. Exterior of the hostel. Shots of girls playing ring-a-ring-a-roses and boys playing football (8.00); Langside School for the Deaf. Girls leaving for the cookery class. Senior pupils come out of the entrance (8.13); The younger children. Youngsters with yoyos and skipping ropes (8.30); A May morning in Kennyhill School. Teacher supervises girls as they perform a mediaeval style of dance in front of school buildings (9.13); Incomplete [end credits missing].