WICK SCHOOLS 1930's / RIVERSIDE CATTLE SHOW 1951/52 / GALA'S 1951/52 & 1978/79

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Title: WICK SCHOOLS 1930's / RIVERSIDE CATTLE SHOW 1951/52 / GALA'S 1951/52 & 1978/79

Reference number: 4624

Date: 1937 / 1939 / 1951 / 1952 / 1978 / 1979

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 30.25 mins

Description: Both black and white and colour footage of the opening of Wick High School, 1937. New extension of the new North School 1939. Lifeboat dedication 1939. Herring Queen 1951/52. Cattle Show Riverside 1951/52 and finishing with Gala's of1978/79.

Shotlist: [Shotlisted from time-coded VHS copy at 18fps]

No credits [b&w] Well dressed gentlemen at Wick High School entrance. Cut ribbon across door with scissors and crowds enter the building (0.47) [col] pans shot Wick High School (1.19) children coming out of school door, new extension of school, carrying boxed gas masks and small blackboards. Most wearing shorts, and short skirts. Some looking at camera, children of all primary school ages (2.39) gvs naming ceremony of new lifeboat RNLB 'City of Edinburgh' in Wick harbour (3.08) well dressed people walking past boy scouts and board stage for dedication ceremony, including Lord Saltoun, Duke of Portland, Lord and Lady Provost of Edinburgh, Sir Archibald Sinclair (3.50) bottle of champagne smashed on bow of lifeboat, intercut with speeches (4.38) dignitaries board lifeboat and shake hands with lifeboatmen wearing red hats (5.10) lifeboat leaves harbour, past steamer (5.38) scouts marching on harbour (5.52) gvs lifeboat and dignitaries (6.23) [b&w] pan crowds on harbour, bunting on display. Wick lifeboat in harbour. Crowded fishing boats with bunting entering harbour (6.19) [col] Wick Gala Herring Queen alights from her boat, and met by the Provost. Provost and Herring Queen give speeches at harbour. Procession of cars (9.47) children's choir dressed in kilts (10.05) people walking away from the harbour; pipe band (10.18) Shots 1952 Herring Queen on platform, speech (10.32) pan over crowd; gvs fancy dress procession; crowning ceremony; 1951 Queen gives up her crown and the 1952 Queen is crowned by her; speeches (11.47) [b&w] 1951? Herring Queen and retinue on stage (12.07) [col] farmers displaying cattle at 1950's Riverside show, crowd in b/ground (13.07) procession of shire (Clydesdale) horses; c/u men laughing and smoking, int tent [poorly lit] (14.19) ext SWRI exhibition tent, two women smile, holding up their prize-winning work; two other women pass with fur stoles (14.30) pan cattle show, several farm implements and people (14.49) show jumping; steam engine passes on railway line in b/ground (15.25) 1970's Gala Queen ceremony, children leaving building. Pan shot public waiting. (16.18) Pipe band lead procession; Gala Queen approaches stage (16.42) stage with b & w illustrated b/ground, speeches and coronation (17.24) public in front of flowerbed 'Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother' on junction at A9. (17.38) pipe band; elevated view floats; Queen's float decorated with seals; (18.07) floats, most inspired by tv shows, children catching coins from the crowd for charity; "Worzel Gummidge"; "The battle of Altimarlach, 1780"; "Red Cross"; a "Sports" float bearing the sign "Maybe by 1986 we'll all be Sebastian Coes"; Home Pride float; "Hostages Rescued Nae Bother"; "Tinker's Wadding"; "Jesus Saves", Wick Salvation Army Youth; "Into the 80's with the Highland Chieftains"; Kestrel Lager (21.04) Lawrence of Arabia; crowd watching majorettes, gvs crowd in streets of Wick (22.22) elevated view floats (24.11) ms man beckons to the camera; gala Queen, children in fancy dress (24.37) ls ship leaving harbour (24.47) previous Gala Queen and attendants on stage; small children in fancy dress (25.17) procession; coronation, speeches. Gvs crowd, fairground in b/ground (26.55) elevated view procession led by pipe band, gvs floats, including one named "Para Handy's Cut Price Navy", carrying the "HMS Thatcher"; "Gala Queen Rejects"; "Caithness Breakers"; Coastguard; "Wick Players" (30.25)