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Reference number: 4620

Date: 1972* / 1973* / 1974 / 1977*

Sponsor: Wick Town Improvement Committee

Production company: The Wick Society

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 28.33 mins

Description: Dredging and construction work on Wick harbour. General views of various Gala week parades, the crowning of two Queens, and children's fancy dress. General views of a warship, and the re-blessing of the lifeboat. Culminates with Torch Light Procession.

Shotlist: [No credits] Large crane at Wick harbour, camera pans across to dredge boat (0.17) tug towing large boat into harbour (0.46) view from pier of two cranes and area of pier under construction (1.02) Ford digger shifting earth, town in b/ground (1.32) elevated view construction (1.49) dredge boat in harbour, lifted material moving up conveyor belt (2.07) Hofland tug of London exiting harbour (2.27) Gvs pier and construction site (2.45) waves lashing pier (2.51) Gvs pier and surrounding town (3.14) brief shot 2 workmen and an old couple beside van (3.22) pan up height of Kestrel crane, gvs construction site (3.51) tanker - Oil Challenger of London - approaching harbour, then berths. Gvs construction site, dredge boat in b/ground. (5.30) tower being manouvered into position by crane (5.44) view of harbour from small boat, lighthouse, old fashioned yacht on horizon (6.08) yacht passes, TN54 painted on side, c/u sails and mast (6.15) peopel viewing boarded yacht at harbour. Name on back - Westward Ho of Torshavn (7.35) yacht being taken out to sea by tug. Footage of crew at work on board, hoisting sail etc (9.09) gvs various Gala week floats, 1978 visible on one. Some with political references - oil, muppets for Parliament etc. (11.21) gvs Wick (11.40) Gala Queen 73 Miss Jennifer Harlock (11.44) pipers lead Gala Queen procession past on-lookers (12.19) procession approaches stage, illustrated b/ground of coast (12.36) man in kilt making speech as does girl before crowning of Gala Queen who makes a speech (13.10) woman in costume (13.15) gvs Gala Queen and procession of floats, people collecting money from crowd (15.55) c/u sign in car window 'Wick Gala Week 20-27 July' (15.57) h/written 'A Film Made By the Wick Society sponsored by Wick Town Improvements Committee' (16.00) Crowning Gala Queen Miss Audrey Russell gvs same ceremony on stage and speeches (17.25) elevated view procession of Gala Queen and floats, including one 'Ape Invasion - Wick in the Year 2001' (20.15) people collecting on streets (20.31) h/written 'Blessing of the Fleet' and Re-dedication of the RNLI lifeboat Princess Marina' (20.38) elevated view same. Crowds watch as Wick Gala Queen and entourage board stage (21.12) view from town over roofs, harbour in b/ground (21.17) blessing ceremony, Salvation Army, speech by Wick Gala Queen, brief view lifeboat (22.44) h/written 'Pipes & Drums Military Band Queens Own Highlanders. The Cliff and Braehead' (22.47) pipe band marching along street followed by small tanks (24.22) children in fancy dress, on stage with compere. Crowd watching in rain (26.35) H.M.R.N. WARSHIP H.M.S. SHERATON (26.39) warship approaching harbour (26.50) lifeboat RNLI Grace Paterson Ritchie in harbour pan over to warship. Gvs public on board (27.20) animated intertitle 'Torchlight Procession' (27.23) (v.dark) torchlit procession, fireworks, bonfire reflecting on water (28.30) The End (28.33)