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Reference number: 4622

Date: 1976 - 1977

Director: [filmed by Iain Sutherland]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 43.03 mins

Description: Overview of the races of Wick's Model Yacht Club Golden Jubilee in 1976. Close-up of a blacksmith shoeing a horse, and doing wrought iron work. General views of the repair work of the Whaligoe stone steps. General views of Gala week 1977 - crowning of the Queen, and the various floats.

Shotlist: No credits. C/u sign for Wick Model Yacht Club. Pan shot of hand-painted names of race competitors on board (1.03) sign 'Wick Model Yacht Club Golden Jubilee 1926-1976' (1.07) Gvs model yachts on loch [possibly Loch Sarclet] and owners on shore, people of all ages. Overcast weather (2.41) unused sails and hulls, sitting on wooden frames lying beside the loch; further gvs individual standing at the water's edge and yachts sailing; competitors walking away from the loch, carrying sails (5.03) c/u handwritten yacht times logbook, dated Saturday 28th February, 1976 (5.15) gvs loch, children smiling at camera, people preparing model yachts (5.58) int. shed, man writing in logbook (6.09) gvs yachts in loch and owners, wind building up, choppy surface (9.20) men shaking hands, gvs yachts in choppy waters (9.43) small boy running to camera (9.48) WMYC flag unfurled, pan shot assembled prize winners and trophies, people waving at camera; c/u flag (11.06) spacer (11.08) people at Wick Society market fish stall, gvs people at various stalls (11.29) women dressed as gutters, serving samples from wicker baskets. Gvs crowd at market (12.04) man modelling t-shirt, 'I'm a dirty Wicker'; man buying a t-shirt (12.18) elevated view market (12.40) Wick Pipe Band, elevated gvs crowd, including stall of 'St. Andrews Young Women's Group' (13.33) elevated view cafe and street, pan past Crown bar to busy market square decked out in bunting (14.02) gvs crowd and stalls, Interact Club of Wick High School, pipe band (15.03) sign for hotdogs at Wick Gala Week (15.25) girl on pony riding into blacksmiths, c/u blacksmith measuring ponies' hooves and making a new shoe in fire and on anvil (19.22) c/u fitting new shoes, steam rising from ponies hooves; filing down nails, hoof resting on a tripod (21.36) painting hooves; saddling pony; girl leads the pony outside, boy climbs up and rides away, glancing back to camera (22.39) spacer (22.44) ints. smithy; older blacksmith at anvil, making a fancy wrought iron railing (?); (23.54) brief shot blacksmith lighting his cigarette from white hot rod; filing the piece; heating it in the furnace; twisting the rod in a vice; creating fine, curled elements using curved surface of the anvil (26.47) c/u hand written sign outside 'Whaligoe steps are under repair. Men working below. Do not throw stones. Nov 1976' (26.50) pair of men and two boys with hammers walking down steps, camera pans steps at cliff edge of sea (27.35) Gvs area and men at work, measuring and writing instructions in chalk (28.37) silhouette of two children at winding handle, gvs men and boys at work repairing stones. Surrounding scenery (30.19) c/u sign in shop window 'Gala Wick 15-23 July 1977'. People in costume coming out of stone building, (previous?) Gala Queen leads, hem of her blue cloak is carried by girls in green dresses, followed by a boy carrying crown on cushion and second (1977) Queen, her cloak carried by girls in yellow dresses (31.08) float covered in Union Jacks, man in buffalo/witch doctor costume, gvs people in fancy dress, drinking etc. and with 'Wick' collecting tins (31.33) woman dressed as Queen Victoria, gvs floats and on-lookers (32.17) two pipe players lead procession to stage where Wick Gala Queen will be crowned. Painted b/ground of coast (32.56) man making speech, previous Queen speaking before crowning 1977 Gala Queen; Gala Queen says a few words. Gvs stage as Queen takes her throne (34.48) shots of unid. dignitaries of stage, Gala Queen presents one with a gift in a box (34.15) Queen led off stage by man and sits on throne on tractor led 'Gala Queen' float, which is led off by pipe band (35.21) elevated view as float is led through streets of Wick, Gala Queen waving. Various floats follow including mock up of Grace Bros and one for pro-smoking(?) 'They're trying now to stop us all from smoking, with posters, adverts, and the like, it's really past the joking'. 'The Highland Wurzels'. Men with blacked faces and military clothing on 'Amin' float: 'I don't shoot my friends I eat them!' [also with sign "Dounreay Apprentices - Big Daddy Rules OK"]; Gvs fancy-dress collectors moving through crowd (38.07) c/u Amin float with verse; Morris dancing float; Wimbledon float; (38.50) crowds dispersing; c/u people on floats waving to camera (43.03)