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Reference number: 4625

Date: 1974 - 1975

Director: [filmed by Iain Sutherland]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 40.58 mins

Description: Fishing boats coming back to Wick harbour and unloading of the catch. General views of the men gutting and icing the fish. Scenes of the fish lying on the pier, and the men working with the nets. The children of the fishermen also come down to help. General views of men repairing and testing the launch slipway for the Wick lifeboat.

Shotlist: [shotlisted from speed corrected tape, manual control track]

No credits. yacht entering Wick harbour (0.08) [spacer] (0.13) 'Around Wick Harbour 1974 - 75' lifeboat approaching harbour (0.43) pan harbour area (1.09) c/u lighthouse. View from harbour of fishing boats approaching and entering harbour (2.59) fishermen on harbour, fish in wooden boxes being winched out of hold in boat (3.57) c/u plaice / halibut, all types of fish in wooden boxes, gvs fishermen at harbour (5.04) seagulls surround boats (5.36) elderly man walking with paper, harbour in background. Fishing boat enters, surrounded by seagulls (7.11) fishermen on board preparing fish, view into ice filled hold, wicker baskets of herring being loaded (8.24) c/u gutting of herring (8.49) boys looking on (9.01) more fishing boats enter harbour (9.40) people at fish market (10.03) fishermen gutting, throwing guts to seagulls (10.23) wooden boxes of fish being loaded from boat onto flat bedded truck [bound for England] (10.41) gvs fishing boats Wick harbour (11.29) fishing boat 'Lybster' WK29 on stilts in repair yard. Man painting boat. Gvs harbour (12.51) c/u two men (13.13) [scratched emulsion in moving pentangle pattern] (13.15) gvs harbour (13.52) wooden boxes with various names of boats, gvs harbour and boats. Fishermen at work, local characters walking past (15.40) boat 'Morina'WK196 leaving harbour, nets are prepared prior to departure (18.19) gvs people at harbour (18.49) h/written sign on door 'Fisherman's meeting in Assembly Rooms at 3.30 Today Wed 26th. All fishermen requested to attend' (15.58) fishermen leaving building (20.37) brief shots boats passing in pitch dark (20.54) fishing boats in harbour (22.01) M/v boats apparently blocking harbour entrance. Clear now, boat entering and leaving including large vessel, 'Kristina Coast' (23.22) large fish labelled 'halibut' at market, gvs fishermen and boats, including the 'Quo Vadis' WK401 (24.35) ext. Fisherman's Saloon, Wick, followed by gvs boats in harbour (26.37) elevated view boats in harbour (26.51) pan shot harbour, surrounding houses roofs covered in snow. Gvs snow covered harbour. Supplies being loaded onto boat, gvs harbour (29.23) elevated pan harbour, surrounding town and coastline (31.51) The End (31.57) fishing boat 'Isabella' Fortuna, harbour (32.25) welding in the dark (32.37) two men repairing and testing lifeboat slipway using weighted metal frame (34.21) pan harbour on sunny day, gvs boats and men at harbour; slipway at night-time; gvs men and boats at harbour. More view slipway repair (39.29) pan men smiling at camera and Isabella Fortuna, Arbroath in lifeboat station (40.08) gvs boats in harbour (40.58)