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Reference number: 3868

Date: 1975c

Director: d. Steve Clark-Hall

Production company: Sidhartha Films

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 24.39 mins

Description: The story of the Scottish Daily News from the closure of the Scottish Daily Express to the last run of the Scottish Daily News.

A prize-winning film at the Scottish Amateur Film Festival 1976.

See also ref. 1327

Credits: camera Gordon Coull, Jan Pester
sd. Louis Kramer, Jim McKee, Mike Coulter
ed. Brian Crumlish
ed. Bill Landale
PA Fiona MacDonald

Shotlist: [no title] exts Albion Street newpaper buildings (0.13) c/u pages of the Scottish Daily Express (0.47) ints of empty newspaper workrooms and printing presses (1.26) gvs workers at meeting, forming Action Committee- deciding to occupy building/pool redundancy money to form a base from which a new newspaper could be launched (2.24) ints newspaper offices and printing presses (3.12) successful launch of Scottish Daily News, c/u pages of the Scottish Daily News (4.05) shots of management meeting (the worker's co-operative) (4.26) c/u of newspaper pages as paper changes from broadsheet to tabloid, shots of emotive headlines (eg 'What has happened to that vision.....and that compassion?' and also copy about Harold Wilson) as paper is forced to end due to financial problems, despite circulation and advertising increasing (4.57) exts Scottish Daily News building (5.25) c/u hustings: an emergency edition is produced, shots of volunteer worker selling emergency edition on Ingram Street, Glasgow (6.06) ints of journalists, marketing and editing staff working voluntarily in under-resourced offices (8.24) shots of workers counting money from collecting cans in offices (9.46) gvs printing presses and machinery, typesetters at work (11.10) gvs mass meeting of worker's co-operative with different views being expressed by staff to those leading, c/u emotion on men's faces, lots of smokers (14.49) talking head (Alastair Blyth, chairman of worker's co-operative) explaining that it was only a matter of market forces, lack of money/time that prevented the SDN from lasting longer than six months (15.28) talking head, worker (man) praising co-operative, that Wedgewood (Tony) Benn was essential, supporting 'working man' in getting paper off the ground (17.35) talking head of woman worker explaining the long hours she puts for the paper (18.23) interview with editor (Nathan Goldberg) voicing his views on their worker's co-operative vs capitalist way of running things (19.39) talking head (organiser of Stirling branch of Scottish National Party) voicing his beliefs about the SDN being a Scottish voice in the Scottish Press (20.10) talking head, young woman saying the paper is completely unbiased/objective (20.19) various talking heads- woman saying she is fighting for her older colleagues in the press (20.47) and man arguing the British government should support jobs in Scotland (21.11) Alastair Blyth supporting the worker's co-operative as a 'blueprint for industry', explaining why it works (23.26) ecs (24.39)