Mr. and Mrs. Marshall buy shares through the Scottish Stock Exchange in Glasgow. (clip)

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Reference number: 3083

Date: 1971c

Director: d. Iain Brock

Sponsor: The Scottish Stock Exchange

Production company: pc. Grange Film

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 17.57 mins

Description: A look at the Scottish Stock Exchange from its beginnings in the 17th century to the official opening of the present building on 22nd July 1971 by H.R.H. Duke of Edinburgh. Shots of the interior and exterior are shown, and behind-the-scenes activities of the work carried on are glimpsed, with explanations of the work carried out by stockbrokers and jobbers.

See also ref. 5143

Credits: nar. Peter Lewis
cam Ian Brock
lighting Ed Rushton
sd. Colour Film Services Ltd
p. team Tom Bell, Calum Crawford, James More, Kay Richie, Janet Young.
Acknowledgements: Barclays Bank Ltd; John Buchanan & Company Limited; Burton's Gold Medal Biscuits Limited; Edinburgh Corporation Libraries & Museums Department; The Exchange Telegraph Company Ltd.; The Guildhall Library; The Hudson Bay Company; Longmans Green & Company Ltd.; John O Nelson; Templeton Carpets Limited

Shotlist: Credits (0.07) Ints couple sitting in front of fire listening to radio broadcast of stock exchange news (0.52) Illustrations of early stock exchange with v/o giving history (1.11) Exterior Beaver House of the Hudson Bay Co. (1.29) Illustrations and stills showing history with v/o (3.52) Exterior of N.W. corner of St. Andrews Square (1888 and 1966) (4.00) Portrait of James Watson (4.19) Stills and illustrations of various sites over the years of the Glasgow Stock Exchange (4.45) Exts of renovation of Buchanan Street building (4.54) Exts of the completed building (5.31) Interior details of the Buchanan Street building (6.37) Ints and Exts of the official opening in July 1971 by the Duke of Edinburgh (7.78) C/u of plaque and coat of arms "my word is my bond" (8.00) The market at work; views of buyers and sellers on the exchange (9.27) Exts of various company buildings (10.07) Ints various products being produced (11.34) Ints of the market with v/o on the importance of the stock market (11.54) Couple walking through George Square towards brokerage firm (12.03) Example of how exactly shares are bought and sold whilst v/o elaborates; shots of female market researchers (16.28) Exts Glasgow stock exchange (16.36) Shots of various products being produced (17.03) C/u Stock Exchange coat of arms (17.10) Gvs the Stock Exchange (17.20) End credits (17.57)