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Title: SWEDEN 1975

Reference number: 10093

Date: 1975

Director: filmed by Dr. Ken J H Mackay

Sound: silent

Original format: std. 8mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 34.25 mins

Description: Amateur footage of a summer trip to Sweden by the 7th Stirling Scouts, including visits to Tranabo, Falkenberg, Gothenburg, and Liseberg.

Please note the National Library of Scotland also preserves an accompanying 1/4" open reel magnetic soundtrack.

Note on the film-maker - Dr MacKay was a physics teacher at the High School of Stirling.

Shotlist: c/u shots Sweden t-shirt and 7th Stirling Scouts Swedish trip pennant - gvs Scouts gathering on playing field for group photograph - [oof] c/u of map showing route from Scotland to Sweden - dark shot of Scouts boarding coach - shots from inside coach approaching Tor Line Ferry Service terminal at Immingham, passing ferry Tor Hollandia - Scouts disembark from coach and board ferry (1.48) shots from ferry leaving port - c/u map of route to Göteborg - gvs Scouts and leaders on deck, passing vessels, approaching Göteborg past small islands, docking at port - Scouts disembark with flag and piper playing - crossing Älvsborg bridge in coach (4.04) c/u map showing route south from Göteborg - shots of coach on motorway - c/u map showing route to camp - shots of coach and car going along country track (5.33) AT TRANABO - gvs house in woods - LIFE IN CAMP - FOOD...!! - food being served, Scouts relaxing and eating - FLAG BREAK & INSPECTION - saltire and Union flag flying from flagpole (6.42) LEDI PATROL - Scouts line up outside tents for inspection, including hands and nails - LOCHNAGAR PATROL - DUMYAT PATROL - LOMOND PATROL - gvs storage racks and equipment - filling water canister from pump (9.14) CAMP GAMES - netball with beach ball, rounders, swing-ball - I'VE LOST A GRASS HOPPER - SWIMMING - Scouts walking through wood towards lake - gvs lake, jetty, boat - Scouts diving and swimming - HIKING - Scouts walking through woods (12.08) TO FALKENBERG - c/u map showing route to Falkenberg on coast - Scouts beside coach - gvs lake, hydro-electric power station, Scouts walking across dam - gvs Falken factory, Scout leaders with bottles of Falcon beer and glasses - FALKENBERG SCOUT CENTRE - gvs Scouts carrying supplies into centre - Falkenberg FOR SWIMMING - gvs sandy beach, Scouts in dunes, swimming from jetty - Scouts with ice cream cones - swimming in outdoor pool (16.13) OUR SCOUT HOSTS BERT & ANNE-MARIE ALDEN - gvs street and bungalow, Scouts going into hosts' house - flag-raising ceremony outside chalet with Swedish flag, saltire and Union flag (17.21) A WALK ROUND FALKENBERG - gvs street with elephants passing in line - brass band marching past - gvs street and shops, market, Scouts on bridge (19.07) SCOTS & SWEDES ENTERTAIN CANADIANS - gvs Scouts playing football, food being served on tables, speeches by leaders, Scouts getting cake and lemonade - Scouts country dancing - WE HIT THE HEADLINES!! - shots of newspaper articles about their trip in local Swedish newspapers - gvs flag-lowering ceremony (22.20) FAREWELLS - Scouts chatting - GOODBYE BERT - Swedish hosts shaking Scouts' hands - 'BYE ANNE-MARIE - 'BYE PER & KARL - Scouts depart on coach - gvs coach on road - c/u map showing route to Varberg - gvs Scouts at Varberg Fortress, tour guide talking - shots of public alarm bell on wall - Scouts eating ice cream - coach on motorway, sign to Göteborg - Scouts unpacking coach in city, walking in park and along shopping street - gvs canal, flags, shopping mall (26.11) GÖTEBORG BY WATER-BUS - map of city - gvs Scouts on water-bus, views of city from canal, including public buildings, bridges, docks and various ships, yachts, cranes (28.41) LISEBERG AMUSEMENT PARK - c/u model of park - gvs park, including rollercoaster, flume ride, ferris wheel (30.33) 7 A.M. FISH AUCTION - gvs harbour and fishing boats, fish crates being unloaded, auction shed (31.16) LAST FAREWELLS - Scouts board coach, take equipment on board ferry - gvs from ferry Tor Hollandia as it departs, Scouts waving, passing Älvsborg bridge, fortress, islands - STORM WARNING - gvs on deck in windy weather - ALMOST HOME - passing Humber light-ship, pilot boat approaches and pilot comes on board ferry - BACK AT IMMINGHAM - gvs Scouts at coach - THE END (34.25)