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Reference number: 2915

Date: 1973

Director: d. Murray Grigor

Sponsor: Films of Scotland and HIDB

Production company: Viz Ltd.

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 26.17 mins

Description: A promotional film for the Highland Board's "Rover" ticket.

See also ref. 5638

Credits: featuring Desi Angus, Irene Lamont, John Bett, Alex Norton
songs and m. Bridget St. John with Ron Geesin
lyrics and story Pete Morgan
Travelpass theme Sticky George
camera David Peat
ed. Patrick Higson

Shotlist: c/u shots of two young women sitting at windows of a train and bus watching the landscape go by, overlaid with title (.24) shot of two women disembarking from train onto small station platform (.38) they get onto bus outside train station and hand over their "Travelpass" tickets to driver and take their seats in bus (.58) shot of bus travelling on road by loch and c/u shots of the two women walking beside loch with shots of yachts on loch and people on beach (1.57) aerial shot of train passing under bridge as open-topped car drives over (2.18) two women wave from train to young men in car (2.59) l/s train going over viaduct (2.59) car comes to a halt at side of road with a flat tyre, two men watch train going past (3.18) shot of approaching bus on road, going to Drumnadrochit and shot of women looking out bus window at countryside (3.58) women disembark and shots of them and other tourists at a ruined castle at side of sea loch (?) (4.39) brief l/s train (4.46) shot of women at train window, young men in car come to a halt at a level crossing at Rogart, women wave to men as they pass them in train (5.27) shot from train as it arrives at Golspie station where women get out (5.54) ext. hotel as women go in with brief shot of same car passing by (6.07) women show their "Travelpass" ticket to guard at Golspie Station and take their seats in train (6.26) brief shot train passing field of cows (6.43) shot of the two women walking through village park (6.58) shot of same car on open road (7.13) shot of bus going to Scrabster (7.24) shot of car arriving at road sign and c/u of sign showing John O' Groats, Lands End, Stroma Island and Orkney & Shetland Isles and Mallaig (the latter changing to Arisaig, Drumnadrochit, Ballachulish, Clachnaharry, Scrabster (7.47) c/u of women showing their "Travelpass" ticket to ferryman and shot of same car arriving at Scrabster where they just miss ferry with shot of women waving to them from ferry (8.27) shot of Man of Hoy from ferry (8.48) shots of two women riding bicycles through streets of Stromness (10.02) shot of people on shore waving to ferry and of two women on ferry (10.19) shot of bus going to Tongue on road and stopping to let passengers off (10.58) shot of car coming to a halt as flock of sheep are shepherded onto road and bus pulls away in front of them (11.31) shot of bus stopping at Tongue Hotel and letting off two women who go into hotel (11.50) shot of women paddling and running on beach (12.19) shot of bus/royal mail van and postie/bus driver lets two women onto bus going to Lairg with shot of bus travelling along country road (13.09) shot of train going over rail bridge in b/g with broken down car being towed by Land Rover in foreground (13.20) shots of train moving along track beside a road as a bus drives along road (13.48) shot of bus on country road and c/u bus on road going to Ullapool (14.16) l/s Ullapool (14.21) shot of bus arriving in Ullapool, two women getting off with shot of passengers at ferry, a ferry porter carrying luggage on a cart and passengers walking up ramp onto ferry (14.54) l/s ferry on water (15.10) shot of man carrying cut peat in wheelbarrow with sheepdog by his side, walking beside road as bus passes on its way to Tarbert and shot of man tipping peat from barrow onto large pile of cut peat (15.42) brief aerial shot of bus on road beside sea, shot of mountains in distance and of beach (16.12) shot of two women paddling and running on beach (16.40) shot of bus on road to Tarbert and of ferry pulling in to Tarbert (16.57) shot of two women on ferry and then disembarking and heading for bus while one of the young women goes to parked open-topped car and writes in lipstick on window "slow coach xx" (17.45) l/s bus on country road going past a croft (18.06) int. bus with women looking out at passing landscape and brief shot same car (18.33) brief shot of women in fishing village, then shot of broken down car being pushed by young men, followed by shot of bus going to Armadale (19.32) shot of red phone box and young man going to it to make a phone call (19.47) int. train as two women eat a meal in the dining car (20.04) shots of women waving to young men in car (20.56) int. shot of folk band playing watched by two women as they sip coffee (21.48) shot of bus going to Glasgow, stopping and letting off the two women who then get into another bus going to Tarbert which then moves off, followed by brief shot of open-topped car going in other direction (22.43) shot of bus arriving in Tarbert and tracking shot from inside bus of main street of Tarbert (23.22) shot of women showing their "Travelpass" as they get on another bus (23.33) shot of bus and landscape (23.52) shot of bus arriving at ferry (24.09) gvs ferry sailing and visuals landscape (25.00) shot of ferry arriving and two young men throwing flowers to women on approaching ferry (25.27) ecs (26.17)