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Reference number: 4289

Date: 1959

Sponsor: The Council Management

Production company: Glasgow Films Ltd.

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 26.10 mins

Description: The Scottish Industries Exhibition held at Kelvin Hall in Glasgow. Exhibiting companies display their products in brightly lit, colourful stands which often give as much emphasis to design as to their product.

See also: ref 1109, the 1959 SCOTTISH INDUSTRIES EXHIBITION.

Shotlist: [Shotlisted from MiniDV]

ocs (.04) Title (.08) gv's unid. man receives party [of the Scottish Council (Development and Industry)?] arriving at exhibition administration office from car on Woodside Terrace? (1.05) gv's rank of flags, banners and exhibition signage in front of Kelvin Hall and across the street; c/u's flags and passing traffic (2.03) tilt down complex mobile constructed from wire, coloured plastic? and steel; gvs int. crowds passing NCR exhibit (2.28) gv's John McGregor & Sons Ltd. exhibit; various contemporary interiors, including one with a tiger skin (3.19) gv's Scottish Brewers exhibit; c/u posters with McEwan's and Younger's mascots; c/u display of advertising materials, bottles and cans of ales, beers & Cluny whisky (4.11) gvs Stoddard Carpets exhibit c/u revolving carpet displays; Nubar Gulbenkian - a BP shareholder, signs visitors book; gv's other visiting dignitaries (6.34) gvs BP exhibit, tiled BP in Scotland and Pioneers in Petroleum; c/u Oil Shale, oil fractions (7.34) gvs Thriftline Adding Machines demonstration; c/u fingers on keyboard, machine output printing to card, similar to electric typewriter (8.25) c/u mobile (8.36) gvs Jute Industries Ltd. exhibit and visitors, possibly guided by General Manager, Matthew Donaldson? (10.18) gvs Distillers Company Ltd exhibit; backlit photographic displays and copper lions rampant (10.53) gvs Beardmore stand; ms schoolboys look at steel model; visitors are shown cross section of large steel cast (11.30) gvs Weir Group exhibit; including "Drysdale Rotary Centrex Self-Priming Pump" (12.00) gv's Allied Ironfounders Ltd. exhibit; tilt from group of three men to cooker with electrical coil hob; c/u bathroom fittings, electric imitation fire place (12.33) gvs Scottish Association of Woollen Manufacturers exhibit (13.04) brief shots Acme Domestic Equipment domestic dishwasher, washing machine and tumble drier demonstrations (14.38) gvs Rolls Royce exhibit, aircraft propellor engine; model Avon? jet engine with exposed, moving internal parts; c/u same (14.53) gvs Templeton exhibit; c/u spotlit revolving mobile displaying sections of carpet; gv's gallery style display (15.47) brief elevate shots exhibition; c/u Lunn Engineering manufactured mould (16.16) c/u Smith and Wellstood sign; shots furniture and fireplaces (16.38) c/u British Olivetti sign; electric typewriter demo (17.03) tilt down Co-op sign; c/u soap pressed into different shapes; tilt up from young woman wearing Coop badge picking up glass sphere, to large photo of surprised looking model in bubble bath (17.37) gvs Harris Tweed Association Ltd exhibit; tilt up map showing Harris & Lewis (18.29) gvs Singer exhibit; women in matching yellow dresses demonstrate sewing intercut machine with exposed moving internal parts; c/u revolving globe bearing slogan "Singer Circles the World" (19.34) gvs John Letters golf stand; c/u replica? Ryder cup (19.42) brief shots Peter Scott & Co Ltd casual wear; gv's brightly lit, colourful ICI displays; intercut shots visitors and Sir David Eccles, Board of Trade President (20.22) c/u Blackburn sign; ms woman looks at revolving boat (20.47) Scottish Gas Board exhibit; c/u model Hunterston nuclear power station (21.13) gvs Phillips exhibit; close shots women demonstrating Phillishave production line (21.44) gv's crowded Lithgow Group exhibit on two levels connected by spiral staircase; c/u moving models; Colvilles exhibit; c/u model plant (22.51) gv's Stewarts and Lloyds Ltd exhibit; c/u "extended surface tube coil" (23.12) North British Locomotive Co. exhibit; c/u metal punch, model loco (23.39) ls William Robertson? [chief executive SCDI] speaks to unid. Remington Rand representative; ms same (23.57) gv's woman in red tartan skirt demonstrates RR automated typing machine; c/u matching tartan typing machine; ms demonstrator speaks to unid. representative (24.15) gv Carron Co. bicentennial exhibit c/u "Down With Smog" information cards (24.31) c/u Euclid sign; extreme c/u TS24 and C6 machines (24.44) l/s mannequin models a scarlet outfit on square catwalk surrounding a quartet and flowers (25.03) ecs (25.07)