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Reference number: 3084

Date: 1957 - 1958

Sponsor: Glasgow Corporation Education Department

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 21.35 mins

Description: Each year many Glasgow schoolchildren spend a month in the Cairngorms, at Glenmore Lodge, run by the Scottish Council of Physical Recreation. Instruction indoors is followed by outdoor training in map-reading and direction finding. Emphasis is laid on service to others, including first aid and mountain rescue work. Activities include skiing in winter, overnight expeditions in winter and summer, canoeing dinghy sailing, nature study, hand crafts and country dancing.

Credits: p. Murray Scott
comm. s. Tom Fleming
Filmed at Glenmore Lodge. The Scottish Council of Physical Recreation Centre for Outdoor Training.

Shotlist: Titles (0.19) Steam passenger train entering Aviemore station (0.22) Exterior shot of Glenmore Lodge with v/o giving details of the lodge (0.39) Gvs the young people arriving and settling in (1.08) Examples of how to dress properly for highland weather (1.18) C/u of map tracing route from Glasgow to Glenmore (1.35) Morning chores (2.14) Classroom shots (2.25) Outdoor instruction on orienteering (3.56) Mountain rescue equipment (4.25) Practising first aid and mountain rescue (5.54) Shot of girl learning basket weaving (6.19) Country dancing (6.40)Interior and exterior shots of chores (7.04) Weather station at Glenmore (7.16) Setting out on an expedition (7.53) Shot of Loch (8.59) Winter conditions in the Cairngorms (9.18) Gvs learning to ski (10.57) Overnight expedition involving camping out and digging snowholes (12.46) River canoeing (14.48) Kayaking (15.53) Nature classes in summer (17.00) Aiding an archaeological dig (17.35) Dinghy sailing classes (19.47) Gvs Glenmore (21.00) Leaving from Aviemore station (21.25) c/u steam passenger train (21.34) ecs (21.35)