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Title: MAGIC KEY, the

Reference number: 2046

Date: 1951

Sponsor: COI/Scottish Home Department

Production company: Campbell Harper Films Ltd.

Sound: sound

Original format: 35mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 16.40 mins

Description: A catalogue of the industries and inventions in Scotland.

Credits: The Central Office of Information for the Scottish Home Department.

Shotlist: REEL 1

Int. Natural History Museum in Edinburgh (?) two engineers looking at moths cocoon (0.40). Long shot of Argyle Street, Glasgow (0.44). Shots of dockyards including cargo, shipbuilding and dockers (1.03). Shots of Scottish industries and scientists' inventions including radio, radar, the steam locomotive, the electric clock, the aeroplane, the telephone, the instruments of measurement (2.15). Shots of the Scottish Council for Development and Industry, under the chairmanship of Lord Billsland (2.37). Engineers examine cocoons and relate their knowledge to coating engines (2.59) using plastic to coat tools to strengthen them (3.11). Street scene in Glasgow (?) (3.19). Shots of woman using washing-up liquid and couple choosing furniture (3.48). Shots of a dialectrically heated press used for better joins (4.01). Shot of woman looking at scarf (4.13). Shots of the west coast of Scotland, where seaweed is used as a soluble fibre to strengthen wool (4.56). Shots of nylon stockings and nylon rope being tested against ordinary rope (5.15). Shots of sailors and fisherman using nylon for their work (25.29). Shots of industrial Scotland - factories etc where the electric eye is used as a safety guard and a counter (7.03). Shots of molten metal and new method of heating metal (7.30). Shots of typing pool and carbon paper; where secretary uses new plastic-coated carbon paper to type letter (8.20). Shots of sewing machines which use heat instead of thread (8.45).


Shots of dockyards and cargo ships being loaded and unloaded eg. with crates of whisky (0.27). Shots of whisky-blending, using a colourimeter (1.24). Shots inside glass-shop and inside cut-glass factory (2.10). Shots inside textile factory and testing new waterproof fabric (3.20). Shot of Scottish goods in an American shop (3.40). Shots of various building sites including the Newhouse Estate by Scottish Industrial Estates Ltd. (4.09). Shots of a timber yard and testing the moisture content with a moisture meter (4.40). Shots of building sites and man looking for metal water - main valve with metal detector (5.19). Shots of vet testing cow with metal detector to check for consumption of barbed wire (5.39). Shot of Scottish loch (5.42). Shot of Princes Street, Edinburgh (5.46). Shots inside industrial and university laboratories (6.39). Long shot of Glasgow University (6.59). Shots inside library, engineering works and engineering centre (6.28). Shots of industrial Scotland (6.44). End (6.56).