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Reference number: 3827

Date: 1937

Director: filmed by Frank Marshall

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 17.24 mins

Description: A film showing the Marshall's train journey around, Geneva, Vienna and Budapest.

Specially commended by the Board of Amateur Cine World

Shotlist: TRAIN CRUISE (0.04) Poster Anglo-Hungarian Special Train (0.08) Crowd outside station (0.12) exts. of train and signal (0.21) ints. of train (0.32) having a meal on the train, restaurant car (0.53) GENEVE sign (0.56) gvs. of town ( 1.19) The League of Nations buildings, Palace of Peace ? exts (1.43) At their junction, the waters of the Rhone and the Ane do not mix, flowing together for four miles. pan of river (1.58) Statue of Protestant Reformers (2.16) pan from window of train (2.37) Merano, pan of landscape and town (3.46) Up-up-up, 4000 feet in a cable car, landscape views (4.29) Farmer ( and woman) in field working hay, shot of hay stacks with house and mountains in background(5.01) Mrs Marshall standing with church in background (5.21) ANOI ? (5.23) Cable car going back down mountain (5.44) shot of train at station (5.54) On through The Domomites pan of landscape (6.11) ints. & exts. of train, landscape (7.10) Vienna, The old part- gvs. of Vienna and it's buildings (8.07) - and the new shots of Mrs Marshall looking in the shop windows (8.32) Shot of purse with money disappearing (8.35) Musicians playing at an outside cafe (8.51) two female boxers fighting in an outside cafe (9.01) George Washington HOF (9.12) A Civic Reception at the Hungarian Frontier Band playing, Children in traditional dress, ints. of train (10.13) Budapest, trams, gvs. of town and buildings (10.58) Budapest is generously supplied with baths and swimming pools, shots of people in wave pool (11.29)[Col] more shots of wave pool and surrounding area (12.20) Memorial service (12.40) flower memorial (13.04) train station, engine workers (13.15) pan of landscape from train (13.26) Mrs Marshall asleep (13.30) Venice outside cafe, exts. St Mark's Cathedral (13.48) Shots of religious scenes (13.56) canal (14.06) shots of gondoliers (14.10) gvs. of Venice (16.00) Mrs Marshall and lady on a gondolier (16.40) Stresa gvs of landscape (17.24) THE END