Anchor Line Holiday via Tourist Class in the Cameronia and California: The New Way to the New World, an

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Title: Anchor Line Holiday via Tourist Class in the Cameronia and California: The New Way to the New World, an

Reference number: 5623

Date: 1930c

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 14.29 mins

Description: Following the voyage of the liner 'Cameronia' carrying tourists from Glasgow to New York, this film records the various entertainments enjoyed by the tourist passengers, as well as detailing the surroundings at Glasgow and New York.

Shotlist: [Note this film is shotlisted at 24fps, actual speed is 16fps. Total running time is 14.29 mins @ 16fps]

An Anchor Line holiday via Tourist Third Cabin in the 'Cameronia' and 'California' - the New Way to the New World; The Palatial Cameronia at her berth in Glasgow pan left to right of ship (0.23) passengers board ship (0.52) crowds wave the ship off from quayside (0.58) Passing Down Clyde gvs same, passing Dumbarton Rock (1.37) At Greenock the whistle blows good-bye to Scotland c/u funnel (1.47) shot of ship sailing (2.01) Deck tennis - strenuous work adds zest to lazy days gvs same (2.11) Shuffleboard and deck quoits (2.27) Deck steward scores with tea dainties waiter serves tea to passengers on deck (2.40) "The Light Fantastic Toe" dancing on deck, man plays trumpet, loads of streamers cover people on deck (2.49) The "Reel" Thing more dancing (3.04) Shooting the Sun officers, dressed in crisp white uniform, photographing/filming (?) whilst standing on deck (3.13) This is good for that headache gvs pillowfight game on deck (3.23) Horse Racing - tourists stake dimes on favourites people place bets and watch the 'race' on a chalked board on deck (3.50) Cock fighting on deck two people play this game, trying to push one another outwith a chalked circle, whilst being tied up by the arms and legs (4.11) How a fly feels on fly paper girls race across a net (4.20) Ring champ flays bosun in a brisk bout gvs boxing match (4.33) New York, all too soon the metropolis of the New World appears towering in the clouds! gvs approach to New York, skyline and docks; You pass the Statue of Liberty en route to the pier gvs same, and crowds awaiting at the harbour (6.09) the Sub Treasury in Wall Street - statue of George Washington (6.24) The Custom House (6.31) A canon of steel and stone - Broadway (6.42) the Woolworth building rises 800 feet above the pavements (7.00) the 'Great White Way' - Broadway by night (7.17) Boston - the magnificent Charles Rover Bridge (7.27) Museum of Fine Arts (7.39) the 'Appeal to the Great Spirit' shot of that statue (Native American on horseback) (7.47) Bunker Hill monument (7.54) Quincy market and Faneuil Hall (8.01) Historic State House - relic of colonial days (8.11) Niagra Falls - stupendous spectacle over a mile in width (8.56) The Canadian Falls (9.06) THE END (9.16)