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Reference number: 3649

Date: 1939*

Director: d. R.I. Grierson

Sponsor: Petroleum Films Bureau

Production company: Realist

Sound: sound

Original format: 35mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 17.26 mins

Description: The industries and domestic activities of the west coast of Scotland (Glasgow, Ayrshire and Islay), highlighting the importance to the area of a cargo of oil carried to Ardrossan by the tanker "Trocus".

Credits: ass. G. Keen
ph. A.E. Jeakins
sd. rec. H.G. Halstead
m. Alan Rawsthorne

[comm. s. John Grierson (?)]

Shotlist: Opening credits (0.29) shots of the oil tanker "Trocus" on the firth of Clyde with crew (1.00) int. of oil shipping dept office (1.27) further brief on and off-board shots of the Trocus followed by brief shot of the oil storage tanks and pumps at the dock (2.00) shots of trucks and trains carrying cargo of oil / petroleum out from Ardrossan (2.29) pan l/s of Glasgow cityscape skyline followed by shots of Clyde dock lands (3.22) int. of steel furnaces at Clydebridge showing workers and machinery (3.56) int. of Kincaid works (ship engine manufacturers) showing workers, machinery and ship engines (4.35) various shots of the locomotive "Coronation Scott" leaving depot (5.14) shots of buses and trams on Glasgow streets (5.35) pan l/s of Islay (6.22) shot of fisherman hauling herring into his small boat in the bay off Islay, then onland a field being ploughed by horses, plough and ploughman, brief shot of men loading peat onto cart, then finally a brief shot of farmer stacking cattle bedding onto a cart (6.53) very brief int. of a school classroom depicting a Gaelic language lesson (7.02) ext. and int. of Laphroig whisky distillery (7.39) shots of the steamer "Loch Shiel" at Islay pier off-loading groceries and livestock to the Islay community on the quayside, including brief shots of townsfolk and a man thatching the roof of his cottage (8.35) Brief shot of a tractor ploughing field followed by shots of other new powered crofting machinery (8.54) further shots of various other cargo (mail, tyres, kerosene) being off-loaded onto quayside and put onto small lorries for delivery around the island, with the example of a pram being delivered to a mother and child in their cottage (9.45) shot of plane landing on Islay airfield (from Renfrew) showing passengers exiting plane (a farmer, lady with broken arm) followed by shots of the small motor boat tasking groceries out to the Islay lighthouse (11.30) brief shot of Glasgow workers leaving factories / yards at knocking off time followed by various shots of procedures for stormy weather on Islay (a farmer covering hay bales, street lights being put up around Port Ellen, int. of Islay house showing kitchen and phone call being made, men preparing to go out on a lifeboat) (15.00) int. of Glasgow ship engine factory followed by int. and ext. of a Glasgow cinema, showing facade, audience and projection room, followed by a shot of people skating on an indoor ice rink (16.45) night Glasgow street scenes of buses and trams (17.05) m/s of Islay lifeboat at sea (17.33)