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Reference number: 3647

Date: 1962 - 1965

Director: [filmed by Joe Griffiths]

Sound: silent

Original format: std. 8mm

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 54.34 mins

Description: Amateur film shot on 8mm between 1962 and 1965 by local resident Joe Griffiths showing the daily life of the Lanarkshire mining village of Bothwellhaugh. The village which served the Hamilton Palace colliery was evacuated to make way for a man-made loch when Strathclyde country park was built in 1965.

See also ref. 3648 (BOTHWELLHAUGH - ORANGE WALKS) and 6105

Shotlist: Reel 1
panning shot of the village from the slag heap(0.49) shot of donor and friends as children on the slag heap waving to camera(0.53) shots of various villagers - mostly women and children - in the main street of the village(2.15) shots of older women of the community boarding a private coach(3.25) various shots of children playing and people generally going about their business with shots amongst the back closes(6.59) ext and int shot of Billy Smarts circus(7.35) more shots of the back closes with the drying green in the background - mostly children playing(8.42) brief shot of mobile butchers van with women queuing(8.54) panning shot of the countryside just beyond the village main street moving onto more children in the back drying green(10.01) brief shot of lollipop man followed by school children leaving primary school(11.04) shots of children playing in the main street(12.10) brief shot of women going to hang up their washing on the drying green followed by shots of children playing in the back close and drying green area(12.45) group of boys playing on and beside the slag heap(13.14) general shots of the village with brief shot of boys preparing wood for a bonfire beside the slag heap as well as a brief shot of a group of teenage boys playing cards on a street corner(14.35) shots of the bonfire with fire works(15.08) brief shot of the butchers van parked in the back close followed by women with their shopping going back to their houses and general scenes of the back closes(17.03) wedding party leaving house with a brief shot of children scrambling for money followed by guests arriving at the church(18.04) sign for "Church of Scotland Bothwellhaugh Memorial Church" followed by the bride and groom outside of the church posing for wedding photographs moving on to guests leaving the service(19.54) general shots of children playing focussing in on one little girl(20.48) shots of children playing in school playground(22.40) children playing in the playground with shots of children on the sliding chute(23.27) brief int. shot of grocery shop with bread delivery van delivering bread to the shop(23.40) shot of the primary school children being taken down the main street of the village by their teachers(24.37) children playing followed by shot of young girl playing in the snow followed by panning shot of the countryside beyond the main street of the village covered in snow ending with a brief shot of two boys playing in front of the camera - not in the snow(25.33) 344ft

Reel 2
general shots of Bothwellhaugh residents on a trip to Girvan, focussing in on old women and children - brief shot of a group of African children playing beside the paddling pool near the sea front (3.25) shots of the old women returning to the coach with an int shot of the coach (3.50) general street scenes of Bothwellhaugh (6.05) boys running down slag heap (6.16) football match with slag heap in background (6.53) continuation of street scenes(7.32) winter snow scenes of the village showing children playing in the snow with adults and children also clearing the snow from the back closes with a panning shot of the the slag heap covered in snow (10.17) shots of men and children in the back court (10.40) crowd of boys participating in the flying of a model Spitfire fighter plane on the football pitch beside the slag heap (11.48) shots of children in the back courts (12.46) shots of the donor as a boy with his mother walking in the countryside surrounding the village with a brief shot of the film-maker walking along with his wife (15.56) congregation leaving church and shaking hands with Minister and Church Elders? - this is the closing of the Church (17.52) shots of a school concert - mostly shots of the crowd (21.40) shots of the derelict Co-op building burning down with the fire brigade in attendance the residents of the village look on - no hydrant in the village which meant that the hose was taken from the nearby River Clyde (25.23) b&w section shots of the donor and his family loading a removal van and leaving the village, ending with a tracking shot from the van leaving the village - end of b&w section (26.18) panning shots of the semi-demolished houses of the village with occasional shots of the demolition men (28.50) The End credit (29.01) 391ft