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Reference number: 6105

Date: 1962c

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 7.28 mins

Description: General views housing (exterior), street scenes, and surrounding landscape of Bothwellhaugh, shortly before this village was demolished in 1966 (and later flooded by the man-made loch in Strathclyde Country Park). Most scenes are devoid of people; the majority had moved away after the closure of the local coal mine in 1959.

See also refs. 3647, 3648, 3651.

Shotlist: Roman bridge over South Calder Water, man standing atop. Man is gone, pan across to other side (0.22) small iron walkway bridge over another small river (0.35) pan empty school playground, locked toilets, bicycle shed then red brick school itself. Markings on playground for sports (1.07) man walks towards and tries school door (1.21) view of school from outside grounds. 30 mph speed limit sign on lampost (1.38) red London style bus approaches from distance, destination Coatbridge, 'Gold Leaf' advert on side (1.46) pan along empty street of abandoned red brick houses, some with boarded up windows (1.54) large pile of rubble at end of road, pan dusty scrubland (2.06) large burnt out white building with roof missing. Grey houses in b/ground. Street empty aprt from woman with carrier bag, elderly man and small child. Brief view red telephone box LHS (2.19) four rows of brick housing, rough grass in f/ground, electricity pylon in b/ground. Pan along houses, many of which staircases to 1st floor back doors (2.32) grass gives way to an adjacent street of housing, more children playing outside. Girl with pram, other children in front of parked cars, three boys with similar striped t-shirts look at camera and smile (2.47) view of rear of houses and brick staircases with cellars underneath. Young girl plays on railings (2.54) pan rear of more houses and dusty scrubland that passes for back court. Occasional clothes pole standing and small children playing outside (3.36) row of grey houses, some lower windows bricked up, small boy cycles in front (3.48) pan grey/white houses with staircases, woman and child enter, girl playing with small ball (tanner ba') against wall (3.53) grey/white houses from further back, pan to end of row (4.06) pan houses from opposite angle, people of all ages in front of camera. Some washing hanging out on drying green (4.30) closer view houses, some windows bricked up (4.43) two children and a dog on steps (4.50) woman walking small dog along front of houses, grass to the front and sheds opposite (5.09) huge slag heap in front of allotments with rusted corrugated iron sheds, pan across to house rooftops visible in distance (5.32) brief view rows of housing, then path through grass to field. Some people walking in field, white goalposts in b/ground (6.01) view from wrought iron bridge of slag heap in distance (6.17) closer village and slag heap viewed across water and grass (6.44) elevated l/s (from slag heap?) of Bothwellhaugh housing. Pan along rear of houses and countryside in distance (7.27) brief elevated view large ornate stone walls in front of smart garden, large river in foreground (7.28)