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Reference number: 3648

Date: 1962 - 1965

Director: [filmed by Joe Griffiths]

Sound: silent

Original format: std. 8mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 21.41 mins

Description: Amateur film shot on 8mm between 1962 and 1965 by local resident Joe Griffiths recording the Orange Order marching season in the Lanarkshire mining village of Bothwellhaugh. Scenes of marches in the village as well as the town of Motherwell interspersed with the bands and marchers relaxing in the park.

See also ref. 3647 (BOTHWELLHAUGH - VILLAGE LIFE 1962 - 65) and 6105

Shotlist: c/u of Bothwellhaugh Orange Lodge banner "Bothwellhaugh Truth Defenders L.O.L.88"(0.06) Orange walk through the village with a small accordion band with men and women wearing the sash walking behind the band, spectators from the village look on(1.53) brief shot of the banner being unfurled (2.00) shots of the band and the marchers walking through the country park (2.36) continuation of the march in Motherwell? with a police escort ending with the march passing a factory where the banner is dropped as it passes the factory(3.13) More shots in Motherwell? with more bands - some from Ulster, including the Bothwellhaugh band followed by shots of the women marchers relaxing having a sandwich with a brief shot of a policeman on horseback(5.25) brief shot of two Lambeg drums being played in the street with Orangemen and spectators looking on(5.30) shot of Orange pipe band marching(5.43) scenes of the bands and the spectators in the local park eating and generally relaxing(7.00) brief shot of woman posing for a photograph in front of an Orange banner(7.07) shots of the park after the Orangemen and women have left leaving all the debris(7.30) Bothwellhaugh band briefly poses for the camera then leaves the park(7.52) Bothwellhaugh village small group of children in their Sunday Best with their Orange Sashes on(8.08) marches continue in another town(8.49) brief shot taken from a bus as it arrives in an unidentified town(9.05) people alight from the bus with their sashes on both children and adults and march through the town(10.45) bands gather in park followed by shots of the children and adults relaxing and having their lunch(12.44) shot of baby girl with a "baby" sash on being helped by her mother to walk towards the camera(12.50) shots of games being played in the park as well as bands practising with the bands and marchers finally marching out of the park(14.10) bands marching through the town(15.11) shots of marchers marching through a village they then stop for a break(16.00) shots of the children and adults relaxing and having their lunch in a park ending with the bands leaving the park(18.47) shots of the bands and the marchers marching through a town(20.44) brief c/u of the Covenantors memorial of the battle of Bothwell Bridge(20.47) man standing beside road sign for Hamilton and Bellshill(20.51) band and marchers marching towards the village(21.18) brief shot of a open air rally(21.30) brief shot of the band and the marchers marching in the rain possibly in the village(21.37) The End (21.41)