Shots of the four men out for a walk in the countryside. (clip)

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Reference number: 1658

Date: 1951?

Director: filmed by William S. Dobson

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: fiction

Running time: 15.46 mins

Description: A humorous fiction film telling of the adventures of four grass widowers who decide to spend the week-end in a country cottage. [A prize-winning film at the 1952 Scottish Amateur Film Festival.]

One of a series of films made by William Dobson of Colinton (a former ECS Secretary and Vice Chairman of SAAC) The series ran as follows: ref. 1658 WEEKEND QUARTET, ref. 3078 TRIO IN TROUBLE, ref. 5874 PILLS FOR ALL ILLS, and ref. 7205 COTTAGE TO LET. The Archive preserves all these titles.

Credits: Scottish Amateur Film Festival. A Prize-winning film. This film was highly commended at the 1952 SAAC Festival.
This film was highly commended at the 1951 SAAC Festival.
Featuring, The Boss, John Keyden, The Quiet One, James Barron, The Worker, David Buchanan, The Lazy One, George Allan

Shotlist: Four grass widowers spend a quiet weekend at their country cottage. Man sits writing a letter ...and we could catch the morning bus, and have everything aired early in the day. Yours aye, John. Each of the other men receives the letter (1.24) The elderly men walk down street carrying suitcases and arrive at a cottage, which they then air. (3.39) A van pulls up and delivers food. Two of the men saw wood. Gvs of a farm with chickens - two of the men have gone to ask the farmer for milk and a chicken. One man plucks the chicken while another prepares to go fishing. (6.33) The men fish in a lake and one loses his hat in a gust of wind. Woman appears to offer the men at the cottage a basket of eggs. Interior shot of a log fire (8.32) The men leave the cottage holding Bibles, obviously going to church. Gvs people going to church. The Lazy One is made to wash up. C/up of one of them smoking. A female walker stops at the cottage to ask for directions. (12.58) Gvs of farm as men go for a walk. Men leave cottage (one sneaks back for the chicken.) They run to avoid missing their bus. The End (15.46)