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Reference number: 9293

Date: 1954*

Director: filmed by Dr Iain Dunnachie

Sound: silent

Colour: bw

Fiction: fiction

Running time: 5.42 mins

Description: Things don't quite go to plan when a family try to set sail in their boat on a lovely summer evening!

Entered in the Scottish Amateur Film Festival of 1957, in the family category.
See also paper archives 2/3/44.

Credits: Iain Dunnachie presents
A Mad Matelot in

Shotlist: opening credit and title (0.19) Shot of children walking down to the sea. Gvs of people sailing and sail boats leaving the shore. Shot of man roping up a sail and hoisting the sail. The man trips over a fabric bag (more sails or a sand bag?) and falls backward. The sail also falls down the mast. Shot of the man attaching the other sail. The boat, which is on the beach, tips over in the wind. The man pulls the boat back over and pushes it into the water. The boat then starts to sail away without the man so he chases after it. Shot of the man catching the boat looking relieved. Shot of the man trying to attach the rudder to the back of the boat. The man fails to attach the rudder while outside the boat in the water so he climbs in and try to attach the rudder from inside the boat. Shots of the man hanging off the end of the boat. He then drops the rudder in the shallow sea and tried to get it back but ends up getting only sea weed. The man finally gets the rudder back from the water. Shot of two women standing on the beach watching the man. Shot of the man in his boat sailing away. Shot of two dogs in a dingy also floating away. Shot of the man sailing swiftly past other boats. More shots of the boat sailing. Shot of the dogs getting out of the dingy and swimming to shore. Shot of the man in the boat sailing past another boat containing two women. The man gets distracted and his boat tips over. Shot of the two women on the shore looking shocked. Shot of the man treading water. Shot of the two women running along the beach. Shot of the man’s overturned boat that is now sailing away by without the man. More shots of the man swimming as his boat sails away. THE END