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Reference number: 1616

Date: 1934 - 1956*

Director: [filmed by Theo Kay]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 43.49 mins

Description: Scenes of some of the industries on the Shetland Isles - handline fishing, how 'Fair Isle' jumpers are produced and cutting peat using a tushkar.

Shotlist: REEL I

Sunrise over the stacks. [Col. *1951] Tracking shot of stacks from sea; pan over coastline from cliffs; ls lighthouse at Skroo on Fair Isle (1.22); The Vee Skerries and buoy. General views of same (1.35); [B/W *1934] Men in yawl (small dinghy), heavy swell at sea (2.04); Last remnant of Norwegian Barque Nord, Lost with all hands. Shot anchor from the Nord. Heavy seas (2.47); Noss from the south east. Cliffs from boat (3.15); [Col.] Seals moving into the water, general views of cliffs. Shots of yacht regatta [*1951] Shots of village (4.31); [*1956] Shots of ceremony, probably launching of lifeboat RNLB Claude Cecil Staniforth at Scalloway; c/u speech; ls crowds of children watching ceremony from a boat; people climbing from boat to boat in the harbour (5.17); General views of sailing/regatta; tracking shots of boats sailing by the coast (7.56); Fishing Occasions "Research" 35 miles east of the Bard. Shooting nets. men working on a fishing boat, pulling the nets over the side, periodically throwing white floats; 75 Nets extend over 2 miles shot of the nets and floats behind the boat; Handline fishing in 70 fathoms of water ; shot same; Tusk man pulls up three tusk fish (10.21) The Sun Sets shot of seated men on boat, silhouetted against sunset; And rises again Dawn over the water. (10.39); Hauling the nets 4 am. General views men hauling nets, wearing protective coats [in daylight] (11.20); Profile of boat [LK 447] (11.29); shots of men scooping a large pile of fish into baskets; shot of catch in boxes, overlooked by gulls near the boat (12.17); The Broch of Cuppaster, South Yell. General views of remains of the broch (12.45); Five knot tide in Yell Sound. General views of sea (12.55); The Vonders Beacon. Shots of same (13.21); Shetland wool. General views gathering the flock, "rooing" (plucking) sheep (16.08); Outside croft, women tease [using an oil], card, spin and knit. Shot of the finished articles stretched out (19.09); Crofting family pose at door of croft for camera (19.11); Shetland knitter, close-up of hands (19.44); Sewing on the Trade Mark. "Fair Isle. Made in Fair Isle". Brief shot of women at sewing machines (19.58); Transport - the old and the new. A bullock in harness pulling peat cart (20.44); Shots of motorised truck on road (20.52); Seine net operations. On board the fishing vessel "Liberty". Almost a Mile of Warp from Dan-buoy to net shot of rope uncoiling over the side; man gutting fish; laying nets (21.51) And the Same length from net to buoy ms men watching the winch machinery, oiling the parts; shots of winching several full nets on board; untying catch, emptying into boxes on deck. Haddocks and Whitings Galore shot of catch But 2d Haddocks No More. shots of more catches being brought on board; c/u fish (24.46) man gutting fish, throwing the guts to the gulls; shots of men gutting, the boat surrounded by gulls (25.25) washing the gutted fish in a barrel, using a basket; processed fish are poured through a hole in the deck (25.50) Foula. General views of the pier. Aerial shot of the island (26.40); General views of landscape and of clouds (27.15); Seashore, cliffs and stacks from coast, and tracking shots from a boat of same (28.35); Shots taken on a two man yacht at sea (29.21); Casting and raising peats. Man uses a tushkar to cut the peat; stacking the peat (30.28); Rough seas and storm (31.43); "Jeannie" at the 'Long Lines' in April. General views of deck of fishing vessel as catch is landed, 40lb halibut, caviltree and octopus; brief shot octopus stuck to fisherman's oilskin. The 'Cavil Tree' Painful Extraction man uses a stick to remove a hook from a fish's mouth; c/u line being drawn in; c/u large crab; ms man in wheelhouse (33.55); Re-baiting and Re-shooting the lines. 6miles of them Men work on lines and land an 80lb halibut (35.43); The "John Brown" line hauler in action. Man cranks in nets (36.17)


No credits. [Col. *1955] 1956 Up Helly Aa festival, Lerwick. Poster Guizer Jarl's decree (0.14); children's miniature Viking longboat brought out of school, and raven mast raised (0.41); General views of night-time torchlight and procession and the burning of the children's longboat (1.20) adults' night-time torchlight procession, men in winged helmets standing in the longboat; shot of brands being thrown into the boat; burning longboat, silhouettes of participants in 'Viking' headgear in f/ground; c/u figurehead amongst the flames [fire burns brightly with the wind] (3.07); Foula Reel. Group of people dancing reel on grass accompanied by guitar, accordion and fiddle [perform unusual step where two couples kneel and clap, while the first form an arch and dance over the male side] (4.47); Turkeys at Asta. General views of turkeys on Asta farm, near Scalloway (3.37); Yacht under said (4.47); Muckle Flugga and Out Stack. General views of islands from yacht. Shots of lighthouse on Muckle Flugga (6.05); Shots of water lilies in flower; c/u flower with bee; laburnum tree in flower (6.40); Fedeland - a place of memories. General views of the seashore (7.09); Ruined "haaf", fishing station lodge (7.21); The sun sets on the lodges. General views of ruin by sunset (7.32)