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Reference number: 2940

Date: 1946 - 1962c

Director: [filmed by James Clark]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 28 mins

Description: A visual record of three journeys through Scotland with Colportage van, filmed by James Clark, a colporter/evangelist for the Scottish Colportage Society.

Shotlist: brief footage of prayer, crowd stand by minister; Colportage van with loudspeaker (0.07) Leaving Stirling for Edinburgh we see, en route, the Forth Bridge, Edinburgh Castle Princes Street, Sir Walter Scotts Monument and the "Athens of the North" (0.21) gvs same (2.30) To St. Andrew for the Lammas Fair, and the little fishing villiages on the Coast of Fife (2.41) girls looking through books and literature on Colportage stall; elevated shot of Lammas Fair street scene in St Andrew with Colportage van and stall, down to St. Andrews Cathedral in distance; (3.52) preaching at the seaside, using the van amplifier; singing to a squeeze box (4.29) van on harbour wall, with a small crowd of women and children; James Clark uses a visual aid to preach the gospel to a group of children (5.07) Mr Clark preaches to a group of children on a beach (5.27) fishing boat in harbour (5.36) Travelling North, we pass Glamis Castle, the Childhood home of Queen Elizabeth, and we glimpse Airlie Castle, constrasting with the humble home of Barrie, and his "Repertory Theatre" (his mother's wash-house) and his mother's window from which see saw the passing life of Kirriemuir (5.57) gvs same, incuding "A Window in Thrums"; brief shot as man's hat is blown off (8.53) Next, to Aberdeen with its famous fish-market, Granite Quarries, Granite Houses and Granite-Built Marischal College gvs same, c/u boxes of fish on the back of a lorry; man holding up a large plaice; gvs quarry, stone being cut with pneumatic tool; Marischal College (11.05) We leave for Kirkwall in with its 800 years old St. Magnus Cathedral. The scenes of schoolwork shown are typical of the work amongst the children throughout Scotland (11.21) gvs same; includes shots Colportage van being lifted onto ferry, and cattle lifted into hold much the same; also shots of Mr Clark using an illustration to preach to a group of children seated outside (13.42) Orkney depends almost entirely on its farming and fisheries, Notice the absence of trees. Note the famous Churchill causway which link the main island. (13.55) gvs same, includes shots of horse-drawn plough next to one drawn by a tractor, a shepherd and collie with a flock of sheep (16.09) Shetland - our most Northern District on the East Coast. Note the peat and Fair-Isle pull-overs, We have a sight of the Noss Bird sanctuary and the famous "Old Man of Noss" Shetland Collies and Shetland Ponies (16.26) gvs same, including views of the harbour and airport, woman standing next to her Fair Isle pullovers, and fish brought in in baskets and gutted in a row watched by an overseer (23.12) Glasgow is the starting-place for our tour of the west coast of Scotland. Many missions for children have been conducted in this great city, We now travel to Stranrear and visit some of the resorts on the Ayrshire coast... (23.38) B/W still of children's mission; shot of child with Glasgow University in b/ground; road sign "Cairnryan"; group shot of children by Colportage van , shot of horse drawn coal cart; group of adults standing by van; gvs of haymakers in field. gvs of Burn's tour spots; open air mission service attended by children. shots of children speaking into microphone (29.16) Still Travelling North we pass by famous Highland lochs and through Highland villages and scenes, including the famous Ballachulish ferry (29.25) (not seen) people passing bay Colportage van; boat leaving from pier; view over Loch Leven?; children by Colportage van, road sign for Oban; (31.48) We leave the Mainland, over to Stornoway... (32.05) chidren and adults stand by Colportage van; congregation emerge from church, van outside; group shot of at least fifty children; making wool socks; group of children holding up Colportage literature (34.43) older woman and younger woman spinning and carding wool; weaver standing by bolts of tweed with his children; postman delivers a letter; clergyman stands by the Aird Free Church "built 1909"; two women holding a horned cow by a rope (36.43) women stands with her children outside their house, demonstrates carrying peat (37.02)