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Reference number: 1130

Date: 1969*

Director: d. Jenny Gilbertson

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 31.00 mins

Description: The rearing of Shetland ponies on island crofts, showing each stage of "a year in the life of Shetland ponies", from winter months to foaling and sale at market. An educational film that captures the strong nature of these small ponies.

Footage for this film was collected over a period of four years, from 1965 to 1969.

Credits: nar. Tom Fleming
sd. Lex MacDonald & John Goodwin
ed. Robert L. Fairfoull

Shotlist: No credits. Shots of waves crashing against the rocks [title superimposed] (0.49); Various shots of the ponies with shots of scratching against wire fences, to remove winter coats (2.42); Shots of ponies giving birth and shots of the foals' first hours (7.15); General shots of ponies and foals grazing on the scattald, and seaweed; shots of cars and vans on the road (9.01); A black stallion is forced onto a boat heading for the Isle of Mousa (9.06); Shot of a stallion arriving at a croft (10.07); Shot of the black stallion on board the boat prior to arrival at Mousa (10.39); Shots of arrival at Mousa (11.05); Shot of the two stallions herding mares and general shots of ponies (12.54); General shots of mating behaviours in different herds (15.51); Various shots of foals feeding, playing and sleeping (17.56) shots of foal imitating its mother's actions (18.46); Pan over coastline (19.13); Shots of the crofter and his wife checking the sex of the foals (20.08); Foals grazing; shots of mares refusing to feed older foals (20.40); adults and children round up the ponies and guide them into pens; ls crofters mounted on ponies round up herds further away (22.57); The crofters struggle with a young foal and then tag it (24.20); The ponies are then taken to the market (24.27); General shots at the market, foals are delivered on foot and by lorry (25.54); Shots of the ponies as they are auctioned (27.30); boy feeding ponies in "Sold pen" (27.52); Shots of ponies being taken to the harbour and loaded onto a ship (28.29); Shots from ship of harbour and shots of ponies on board (29.58); Shots of waves crashing against the rocks [credits superimposed on picture] (31.07)