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Reference number: 3266

Date: 1957*

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 44.04 mins

Description: Trims showing the work of the Fair Isle Bird Observatory and of crofters at work on the land, the traditional craft of knitting of Fair Isle jumpers and dancing at a ceilidh.

Shotlist: shot of sheep fleeces being pushed in wheel barrow; sheep being transported by lorry (0.18) ls and ms two sheep are tethered together, then allowed to graze (0.45) woman in uniform (nurse?) on bicycle on road with sea in background (1.09) woman pushing car (1.23) sheep dipping (2.10) boy running past a waterfall; man looking out to sea using binoculars, taking notes (2.56) shot of radar station(?); man looking out under a shelter with shot of mail boat coming into shore [very dark] (3.38) shot of same boat being drawn onto a slipway on beach (5.09) c/u of diamond shaped road sign (?) and shot of car driving away from camera on beach (5.52) c/u headstones and people coming out of church (6.24) int. shot of people sitting round stove reading and drinking from mugs [possibly inside bird observatory ] (5.00) ms bird being removed from a bag; c/u bird being measured, and held up to camera (7.26) man weaving using hand loom [picture hazy] (7.54) shot of sign reading "Fair Isle Post Office" and int. shot of man stamping mail (8.07) shot of cat and kitten (8.30) man and woman climbing down cliff to rocky shore and taking out a rowing boat to sea and shots of them returning to shore (10.45) woman knitting a fair isle jumper, sitting on step (10.58) shot of rocky cliff (11.25) shots of men scything and gathering hay (11.57) shot of man adding a strap to a hand-made woven basket (12.56) visuals landscape (13.11) ints. stained glass windows; view of sea through clear window; sunset (13.50) lighthouse light at night (14.15) ints. of musicians playing and couples dancing at a ceilidh (15.32) ls small boy walking around two goats grazing outside croft; woman milking the goats (17.54) blank (18.26) aerial shot of coast (18.36) sheep being unloaded off a boat onto a lorry on pier (19.23) shots on deck of boat in choppy sea; shot towards wheelhouse; tracking shot approaching high cliffs (20.57) l/s mail boat and of small motor boat beside it and l/s of lighthouse (22.06) shot of rowing boats on shore and visuals landscape and rocky cliffs (23.37) men and sheep being taken out in rowing boat to larger boat which then heads out sea (24.57) c/u of bird (possibly a female merlin) being held; bird is released through an open window (25.34) l/s mail boat coming into inlet with people being taken ashore on a rowing boat and a large crate being hoisted from rowing boat onto pier, packages are then hoisted from boat onto pier (28.31) shots of high seas crashing onto shore (33.40) ext. shots of Fair Isle Bird Observatory, crofts with vegetable patches and haystacks outside (32.35) shots of derelict structure, c/u of millstone; shot of man sharpening the blade of his scythe; family cutting hay, women collecting cut grasses (33.41) ls lighthouse keeper walking into tower; ms lighthouse keeper lighting the lamp with a taper and starting the lenses rotation; extreme c/u lamp through rotating lenses (35.39) shots of sheep being herded down hill by a group of men and dogs (35.39) three men sit over sheep, tying its legs together, they rise one carries it; ls men and dogs walk over the brow of a hill (36.48) ms penned sheep, men go among them, catch one and tie its legs; shots of groups of tied sheep laid down next to a lorry (37.44) shots inside a classroom with teacher and pupils and shots outside in the playground where children line up to go back into school (38.17) c/u weighing bird; c/u man ringing bird, and being bitten on the finger (38.57) shot of woman milking goat with small boy beside her (39.21) bird is taken from trap and shown (39.27) very brief shots of aerial view from aircraft, c/u bird being weighed, a woman knitting (39.58) visuals rough seas, man scything (41.00) c/u musicians playing (accordionist, fiddle player and guitarist) [brief upside down shot] (41.24) brief shot man gathering grass/hay (41.31) aerials landscape (41.49) brief shot women inside with knitting and shot of woman holding finished fair isle jumpers outside croft (42.00) very brief shots of musicians, aerials landscape, rowing boat, bird, woman with bicycle, woman and goat and child (43.06) shot of basking seal (43.14) shot of church (43.18) ints. of women knitting round table (43.25) aerials and visuals landscape (43.39) elevated shot mail boat (43.44) shot of man removing a bird from a trap; brief shot unloading goods from rowing boat (44.04)