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Reference number: 8378

Date: 1958c

Director: filmed by Tom Steel

Sponsor: National Trust for Scotland

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 26.42 mins

Description: A travelogue filmed on a National Trust for Scotland cruise around some of Scotland's more remote islands, including footage of Shetland, Fair Isle, Papa Stour, Foula, North Rona, St. Kilda, Barra and Iona.

Digitisation funded by British Film Institute 'Unlocking Film Heritage', awarding funds from the National Lottery.

Credits: comm. s. Alex Warwick
m. Colin Warwick (mouth organ)
The piper on Mingulay was Callum Johnston

Acknowledgements and thanks to:- Ludwig Koch who recorded many of the bird noises - John Betjeman who recited his verse of thanks to Fair Isle - John Bartholemew & Son Ltd. for the use of their map - Captain Maurer of the Meteor for his cooperation

Shotlist: (0.00) [blank] (0.02) title - A CRUISE in the M.S. METEOR organised by the NATIONAL TRUST FOR SCOTLAND - c/u map of Scotland showing Leith - gvs from 'Meteor' leaving port of Leith - shots of passengers watching seabirds with binoculars while passing Bass Rock - shots approaching Isle of May and passengers on motor launch - gvs Isle of May and passengers (1.53) c/u map with animation of route from Leith - c/u map of Shetland Islands - gvs approaching Fair Isle from steamer - shots of launch taking passengers ashore - gvs seabirds, coastline, stacs - shots of seabirds, including razorbills, puffins, guillemots, fulmars, oystercatcher - shots of skua 'dive-bombing' camera - shots of bird observatory - int shots in observatory, bird being measured and ringed, then set free - gvs of North Haven, gvs of crowd on new pier for opening ceremony by Earl of Zetland - gvs boat on shore, visitors walking along road, nurse on bicycle, crofts, village hall (5.35) int shots in village hall, stalls selling knitwear - shots of launch returning to steamer and passengers being helped on board (6.15) c/u map with animation of route from Fair Isle to Lerwick - gvs Lerwick harbour, Meteor docked - gvs Lerwick streets and alleys - shots of Meteor, and departing - shots passing Noup of Noss - c/u map with animation of route to Out Skerries - shots of lighthouse from Meteor, launch and rowing boat nearby (7.54) c/u map with animation of route to north of Shetland - gvs from Meteor at sea, passing Muckle Flugga, Herma Ness - c/u map with animation of route to Ronas Voe - shots of launch taking passenger to Papa Stour - gvs Papa Stour post office, visitors outside writing postcards - gvs landscape and crofts, lambs, Shetland ponies - shots of crofter working in field with two ponies (9.32) shots in dining room of Meteor, buffet lunch set out, staff at work - c/u shots of dishes on Norwegian cold table - shots of passengers at lunch - shots of passengers disembarking on pier at Foula - gvs fields, crofts, post office, woman writing postcard - shots of croft houses, men digging earth with hand tools - gvs graveyard and abandoned church - gvs coastline - shot of people waving as launch departs from pier (11.49) c/u map with animation of route to North Rona - shots on deck and passengers getting on to launch - gvs coastline, seabirds, launch on water - shots of passengers landing on North Rona, climbing up cliffs - gvs of island and coastline, cliffs, seabirds, seals off-shore - shots of St. Ronan's Chapel - shots of passengers climbing back down to launches - shots of island as launch departs - shots from Meteor passing Sula Sgeir, passengers on deck, passing Flannan Isles - gvs of islands from deck (15.33) c/u map with animation of route to St. Kilda - shots approaching St. Kilda archipelago, high shot of Village Bay with Meteor at anchor - gvs of cliffs and coastline from launch - high shot of Village Bay and settlements, cliffs and coastline - shots of cleits - shots of passengers walking over island, examining ancient settlements - shots of 'The Street', Soay sheep - c/u shots of St. Kilda field-mouse being held - gvs of ruined cottages, graveyard - shots of Meteor on evening journey through passage between Boreray and Stac Lee, passengers on deck - c/u shot 'St. Kilda Mail Boat', passenger throwing it overboard - sunset shots of St. Kilda (22.11) c/u map with animation of route to Mingulay - l/s Mingulay, passengers disembarking ashore from launch - shots of piper playing - shots of visitors walking across island - gvs deserted crofts and shore - c/u map with animation of route - shots of passengers on launch approaching Barra between Hellisay and Gighay - gvs coastline, Meteor at anchor (24.29) c/u map with route to Iona - gvs of jetty and Baile Mor village - gvs nunnery and Iona Abbey - int shots in cloisters and abbey - shots from Meteor on return journey - shot of map of complete journey - shots on board Meteor - ecs (26.38) [blank] (26.42)