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Title: ST. KILDA - JULY 1956

Reference number: 2037

Date: 1956

Production company: Campbell Harper Films Ltd.

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 16.11 mins

Description: The journey from Mallaig to St. Kilda in the Western Isles and general scenes of the island's derelict houses, flora and wildlife. Shots of the St. Kilda wren.

Shotlist: Credits (0.09); Introduction - The Journey. (0.14) Shot of pen pointing to destinations on Kyle of Lochalsh the Western Isles (0.30); Mallaig to Tarbert (0.37) shots group of young men collecting gear and boarding the boat with other passengers (1.00); shots of sea, seagulls and coastline from boat (1.16); Tarbert Pier (1.20) shots of people on the pier; ls ferry; MacBraynes Tarbert Harris waiting room; setting off (2.03); then the less said the better until - the arrival St Kilda Village Bay (2.19) shots of St Kilda and small boat coming out to ferry (2.37); shot of coloured hand-drawn map of Oay, St Kilda and Dunn (3.03); The Village and Village Bay (3.08) gvs same, showing derelict houses (4.16) c/u small bird (4.24) further gvs Village bay and exts. blackhouses (4.47) c/u details of derelict houses, flowers growing in cracks; sheep's skull on window sill (4.53) view across bay through empty window (5.00) shots of broken furniture and abandoned possessions lying in grass; goats (5.19) c/u small fawn dunnock-like bird [very tame]; ms bird in amongst rocks, barely visible; c/u bird (6.49) g.vs Village and Village Bay (7.39) c/u small round speckled chick running from its nest (7.43) c/u ragged robin, reeds and other meadow plants (orchids?) (8.24) shot of dry stane dyke running down to beach; ms cleitean [turf-roofed store] (8.38) c/u flowering plants (8.48) ls goats standing and grazing hillside (9.21) c/u St. Kilda wren; c/u wren holding and eating fly (10.38) brief shot dunnock?; c/u tame rock pigeon sitting on hand and eating near camera (11.11) c/u (St. Kilda?) field mouse sitting still in a box under a home-made spotlight [sun reflected by mirror]; mouse eating oats in corner of box (11.41) c/u storm petrel held in hands, moved to show its feathers; c/u petrel's head and feet (12.12) ms men taking photographs of petrel as one holds it still; c/u petrel as its wing is held out (12.43) c/u rock pigeon (13.00) pan over Village Bay (13.18) ms man walking up hill; elevated shots of the island and high angle shots sea birds wheeling near cliffs, intercut with c/us individual birds [kittiwakes and fulmars] (15.20) ls towards Stac An Armin (15.33) c/u fulmars in flight (15.59) shot shadow walking uphill (16.11)