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Reference number: 0253

Date: 1934

Sponsor: Glasgow Corporation Education Department

Production company: Pathe Pictures Limited

Sound: sound

Original format: 35mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 37.15 mins

Description: One of a series of fund raising appeal films produced for the Glasgow Necessitous Children's Holiday Camp Fund, it promotes the benefits of the Holiday Camp to children and parents alike.

Films made each year to raise money for following year's camp. Shown in Glasgow cinemas, then lights put up and collecting boxes sent round the audience. See research notes 11/1/391. Glasgow Herald (8th Oct. 1934) states that film shown to representatives of the Glasgow Education Dept. Robert and Sam were played by boys from a special school.

See also SUNNY DAYS ref. 0893, SADNESS AND GLADNESS ref. 0705.

Preservation of this film supported by the National Heritage Memorial Fund.

The Archive also holds 35mm viewing prints struck from NFTVA preservation material, 2001. Please note there is a 35mm print of both the full version and the short version held.

Credits: acknowledgements Harold Stewart ("The Gangrel"), Daily Record and Mail, Glasgow, for scenario. Messrs. Boosey and Col, London and Messrs. Chappell and Co., London for musical recording rights
introduction by Chairman of the Fund, Sir Charles Cleland
cast C. R. M. Brookes, Catherine Fletcher, Alex Osprey, Alex Liddle, Archibald Rennie, Archibald Frew, Robert Tulloch and Miss M.B. McDonald [C.R.M. Brookes formerly headmaster of Broomhill Primary School, Glasgow]

Shotlist: Caption followed by credits. Aims and Objects of the Necessitous Children's Holiday Camp Fund (.29) Sir Charles Clelland introduces film (1.06) cast (1.19) The road to Tam Trauchle's house in Glasgow. shots of tenement streets, boy leaves close with home-made "cartie" (1.45) ext. Tam Trauchle's tenement flat (1.58) Tam in single end slum house in the Gorbals, with his two sons Sam and Robert. Boys read about camp at Tantallon. Father struggles to keep house in order while his wife is in hospital and has difficulty in feeding, cleaning and controlling his sons. A woman from the Education Authority calls about the boys' application for camp (9.34) Tantallon Castle Camp near North Berwick. Sam and Robert Trauchle were accepted and went to the camp, enjoying to the full the cheery companionship prevailing. Over 1000 Glasgow boys were here. gvs boys doing calisthenics in field (11.09) end of Reel 1 (11.19) Camp fire concert. Boys in circle on campsite singing. Sam and Robert sing along (12.49) Meanwhile in Glasgow there is a contented man as Tam Trauchle's troubles terminate temporarily. Shot of Tam enjoying peace and quiet. (13.22) Jings, its great say Sam and Robert Trauchle. gvs of boys at camp (13.42) address by Sir Charles Clelland (14.01) shots in garden of Cockenzie camp for blind children. Boys playing piano, dominoes, etc. (14.56) Margaret (who is blind) is a welcome and entertaining visitor. Margaret sings for the boys (16.04) boys dance accompanied by their fellows. This is a difficult dance for blind boys owing to circular movements. The boys are being guided by the music. Dance continues (17.28) Margaret reads story out loud from braille book (18.05) gvs of boys (18.22) James Sutherland, a Glasgow school boy visiting the [Cockenzie camp] sings to the blind, who are passionately fond of music. shot of James singing "O For the Wings of a Dove" (20.28) End of Reel 2 (21.12) Writing home. Letters are taken down first of all on braille shorthand tape machine (a new invention). A boy dictates a letter to the shorthand operator and then takes the tape across to Margaret (22.02) Tape is taken to blind typist who transcribes the braille. gvs boys and typist (22.50) "The Boy with Two Ages" A boy recites a poem (23.18) a great ball game. The goals are a "Trumpeter" and an "accordion Player" Sound directs the players. Shots two teams blind boys with huge inflatable ball which is pushed by each team in the direction of their goal (24.14) Eventide. By special request James Sutherland sings to the blind their Goodnight song. James sings "Wee Willie Winkie" to the boys (25.19) As "Wee Willie Winkie" favours our young campers with peaceful slumbers, we postpone until next day our hurried visit to Glasgow to witness Tam Trauchle's memorable moments. Tam and his sons visit Mrs. Trauchle in hospital. The boys tell her about camp (28.15) "Mum's the word" says Mr. Trauchle, but we will beat the homecoming. Meanwhile we will visit Port Edgar girls camp, near the Forth Bridge where 750 Glasgow girls enjoy a fortnight's holiday. Girls sing action song "Impsey Wimpsey Spider" Shot of campsite with Forth Bridge in background (29.36) end of Reel 3 (29.56) "Punchinello" (a dance for all) Shots of girls dancing in circles (31.55) girls hang out of their dormitory windows and sing a song (32.29) "In the Good Old Summer Time" many of our young campers have the "Road to the Isles" opened up to them by the Fund (32.40) shot of steamer. Gourock Pier as steamer pulls away (32.57) steamer, Dunoon Pier and road by shore (33.16) shots of steamer, Rothesay Pier and surroundings (33.38) 68 camps were established in many parts of Bonnie Scotland, including the places now being shown. Over 5,000 Glasgow children are annually taken to the camps. General views of steamers and shots from same (34.21) pier at Tighnabruaich (34.27) steamer approaching camera (34.41) three girls by railing at Carradale Pier (34.45) group of girls on rocks. gvs of shore line (35.00) shots of Tarbert Pier and harbour (35.25) a group of boys march along the pier and embark onto a small vessel, the "Village Maid" (36.05) c/u of boy eating a toffee (36.14) shots of Ardrishaig (36.25) We again visit Mr. Trauchle's home in Glasgow. Mrs. Trauchle arrives home from the hospital (38.18) Here's to the next time, the Summer Camps of 1935. We earnestly solicit your support so that increasing numbers of children will benefit. Montage sequence of various camp scenes with appeal superimposed (39.34) appeal caption (39.46) The End (39.55)