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Reference number: T2327

Date: 1983

Production company: Scottish Television

Sound: mute

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: Non-Fiction

Running time: 25.13 mins

Description: Television documentary about Scottish local radio stations after their first ten years of operation, including interviews with representatives of Radio Clyde, Radio Forth and West Sound.

Credits: rep. Bill McFarlan

Shotlist: [shot-listed from .WMV file using Windows Media Player]

(0.00) blank (0.01) gv of Glasgow tenement skyline - shots of James Gordon, managing director of Radio Clyde, at work in his office - talking head Gordon about Radio Clyde's relationship with their listening public - gvs of cattle market, cattle in ring, West Sound radio reporter interviewing farmer (1.10) talking head director of West Sound about parochial nature of local radio - gv Princes Street in Edinburgh, Radio Forth Land Rover and caravan pass - gv Radio Forth office and man getting into Radio Forth News Austin Metro - talking head Radio Forth director about the station's local strategy - gvs in offices of Radio Clyde, employees working on typewriters - talking head Gordon about station catering for local audience - shots of DJ at work in studio - talking head Alex Dickson of Radio Clyde about audience profile (4.52) shots of DJ 'Tiger' Tim Stevens in his office, sorting through some records - talking head Stevens about local appeal of Radio Clyde (6.35) gvs of offices of Clyde Action in Glasgow, staff working at desks - talking head director of Clyde Action about organisation's role (8.03) [black with football commentary] (8.14) shots in studio of Radio Clyde sports presentation with Richard Park? and Paul Cooney (8.54) int gvs of construction work in progress at Radio Clyde's new headquarters building in Clydebank - ext gvs of Radio Clyde buildings beside canal and shots of builders at work - more int shots of construction work (10.05) intro walking shot and talking head of singer Sydney Devine about gaps in Radio Clyde programming, intercut with shot of line of local pop singles (11.33) shot of traffic passing on country road - presentation while driving car by reporter Bill McFarlan about competition between Radio Clyde and West Sound in Ayrshire - gv road and countryside - gvs West Sound offices - talking head West Sound director about the station's initial financial difficulties and potential for the future - gvs in West Sound studios, including DJ Lou Grant, news bulletin, farming programme - shot of reporter Celia Stevenson in studio and conducting interview at cattle market (14.20) Edinburgh street gvs with Radio Forth mobile unit passing - gv Radio Forth office - talking head Tom Steel, programme director of Radio Forth about Forth's audience area - gvs of staff at work in Radio Forth's offices - talking head Steel about audience in Fife and importance of providing Scottish local news, intercut with more gvs of staff at work in office - shots of Radio Forth open line phone-in in studio (16.53) talking head Margo MacDonald about importance of local current affairs programmes on radio - gvs of staff at work in studio - talking head MacDonald about balance between entertainment and education, covering issues about drug addiction - gvs of staff at work in office (20.14) talking head Brian Marjoribanks of the Independent Broadcasting Authority about increase in number of local radio stations - talking head Gordon about future of local radio stations - talking head Marjoribanks about possibility of Scottish networked radio station - talking head Radio Forth director about new media as a means of expansion - talking head West Sound director about possibilities for future expansion (23.20) gvs streets of Glasgow, Edinburgh - talking head Marjoribanks about future of local radio stations - closing sequence, gvs cranes and canal at Clydebank, DJ at desk, Radio Forth mobile unit on street, staff in office, interview at cattle market, Lou Grant in studio, West Sound mobile van (25.04) blank and music to end (25.13)